Thursday, April 4, 2013

March Wittle Bee Review

So cute, this is for Tom, Thredless is the brand

I received my box a little late last month hence the late review. Now Wittle Bee chooses 3 items for you and then you get to choose 3, but I kept forgetting hence the lateness. 
But I thought it was amazing because I was able to get 3 items for Tom! Claire did receive different items however she got the same shirt in a different color, sigh. I switched out the box entirely for Tom to see what I get. If in the long run I keep getting repeats I will move on to a new monthly subscription box, but I will say they have great customer service and do try to improve the process for users. 

Same shirt but in green, Claire already has in purple

Another Thredless shirt for Tom 
Fancy pants for Claire

Cute Onsie for Tom

A cute Thredless T-shirt for Claire

You can join WittleBee here:

Other than this fabulous box I have been lucky to get laryngitis from my severe allergies, although I am starting to feel much better! I cannot wait for allergy season to be over, its just brutal :( As Tom gets bigger I find I get busier around here, but it is fine with me because he has such a cute personality.  I have a good make up review coming up soon and a fantastic stuffed potato recipe coming! Hope you have a fantastic Thursday!!


  1. We Wittlebee too! Some items are great, others not so much. I do love it though!

  2. Cute pieces! In our March box (which I split between my 5-year old girl and 9-mont old boy), we got 3 of the same items - the "I love you" T-shirt (super adorable and so soft) and the Trish Scully green blous + white pants.