Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PopSugar April Box Review

No this wasn't in the PopSugar box. This is Claire's new friend "doggie".  He was residing in one of Tom's old sweatshirts and as we were cleaning out his clothes she demanded to have this pocket dog. We ripped it out for her and well she is walking around the house giving it high fives. It has gone everywhere with her lately.  Random indeed.

Now onto PopSugar. I seriously get so excited for these boxes to arrive each month.  This month was just ok, not one of their best but I will forgive them. My favorite item is by far the Kai perfume oil. It smells like Gardenia flowers and man for an oil it really sticks around all day. It is light and amazing.

A nice little bracelet 

Some Quinoa Chocolate which is pretty good
Claire demanding some of the Quinoa Chocolate

A garment bag, which will be good for traveling but I don't have much dry cleaning so eh

Smells so good! 
Blotting papers, have yet to try it out
So there you have it, April's box. I wanted to write this yesterday but I am finding unless I do this when Claire and Tom nap it is just not going to get done. Claire is not easily distracted or entertained and has a lot of energy. I bought her some toy balls and bubbles at Target today to get her to run around the  yard more. Luckily her cousin Olivia is coming to town tomorrow to play with her. Hoping to go swimming and expend a lot of energy.