Monday, May 20, 2013

Birchbox Male Review

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! My husband and I tried a new sushi restaurant in town and had the most amazing coconut sake. Now you would think it was sweet but it really wasn't (which I liked), sometimes sake on a nice afternoon is perfect. The weather was so nice we sort of just hung out and relaxed. We are gearing up for a long drive to San Diego this Thursday to see Claire's cousin Olivia and aunt and uncle, and I have my sister's wedding shower. (both of our sisters live in San Diego). It will be a busy but exciting long weekend. I am ready for a mini vacation!

If you ever see this in a sushi restaurant, I highly recommend

I have been meaning to post this for a while but my husband, Nik is a member of the Birchbox Men's monthly box. It is $20 for the men but he is always pleased with the items he gets. He is not in any way high maintenance. He just likes that the decision on face and body products are chosen for him. Here is a little more information on it: Birchbox Men

It's funny because I always try to see if there is anything of his I can steal. I personally used almost all of his toothpaste, it was great!

The items he received were some toothpaste, bodywash, shoelaces, facial moisturizer, and some boxers.

Here is his review, straight and to the point, enjoy!

Erin asked me to write a review on a monthly subscription I have been taking advantage for the past several months.  Birchbox Man is a great way to get access to small batch and new products for men. There is typically one larger item and a few testers for your hair or body. This month they didn't disappoint.

You can never have too much underwear. That's really all that needs to be said.  The material is great and seems like they'll last a long time.

I work in finance and dress pretty conservatively. Dark suit, light shirt, and tie everyday. I try to spice things up with socks or a bow tie from time to time. However I never really thought about shoe laces! What a great idea to add some color. I'll swap the standard black for these as soon as I find a tie to match.

Along the same lines you can never have too much toothpaste. It's always something you'll use. This selection is fresh and minty. Everything you want your toothpaste to be. This will go in my travel bag and be utilized next time we are out of town.

This body wash is great as well. Most of the stuff Erin buys is either too lotiony or too fruity. But not this. It has a little spice which has helped wake me up in the mornings. Nothing like a little pepper to the sinuses to start the day.

This months moisturizer is also quite nice. My skin is pretty sensitive so I usually need something light that won't leave me greasy. This stuff is great. A little dab goes a long way and feels really great on your skin. 
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  1. Great review Nik (and Erin)! I am going to have Trent read this. I know he secretly wants to sign up for Birchbox Man.

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