Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Children's Clothing Can be Expensive

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a fantastic week! I am happy because our internet is finally back up and running. (was down for 3 days!) Now that it is back I am catching up on everything and making some much needed online orders (anyone say summer tee shirts?!). 

Speaking of clothing I was cleaning out Claire's closet this week and was sad to see some of her nicer items go. It is incredible how fast kids grow out of stuff. That is why I am never such a huge fan of spending a ton of money on clothing for kids.  

Long story short I had heard about a company called Thredup a while ago,  an online clothing consignment store, that caters towards children (and most recently women). But the concept is so cool. They send you a bag and you fill it up with gently used clothing (ages 12 months and up). Once the bag is full you mail it back and just like a consignment store they will give you cash for the items they want to resell on their site. It is so easy!

Thredup was kind enough to give me a chance to try an item from their store to see how I liked it. I ended up with a Ralph Lauren polo dress for $20! Ralph Lauren is not cheap for kids either. Pictures of Claire in the dress:

I was all about sending my unwanted items to Thredup but was unsure of what a second hand item would look like if I purchased one. I was very impressed. The dress looked and felt like new. I saw zero stains, and it looked freshly pressed. Claire clearly enjoyed running around in it too, plus it is just so cute on her!

I am in the process of filling up a bag. All those Gap items I get for Claire that she literally wears twice are heading to Thredup ASAP.  Now that they offer women's clothing I am interested to see what they sell and cannot wait to send them some of my nicer items that I do not wear anymore.

For anyone looking for an awesome deal this business has got the right idea! You can visit at   To learn more about the process go here: Thredup How it works


  1. Great tip! I have never heard of them BUT will totally check it out!

    Heather May

  2. I've never heard of them! But since Kingston's closet is worth about the same as my car (JK!) I'll definitely check this out!!!