Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Take on Mother's Day Gift Guide

I am finally resurfacing after a doozy of a cold. It started last week with my daughter getting an ear infection then a bad cough and cold, then over the weekend I picked up that gem and was laid out Sunday-Tuesday, I even had to have Nik come home and take over Monday because I felt just terrible and had a slight fever. ugg. I am still recovering but feel somewhat human again. Tom has had somewhat of a cold although I don't think he will get the full blown effect, fingers crossed!

I realized that Mother's Day is around the corner. Holy Crap. Actually not holy crap I don't really care about Mother's Day other then a nice brunch but I was thinking of some good gifts to give a fellow mother. Here are my picks that are fabulous to give any mother, or myself wink wink.

1. Monrow Teeshirt Dress 2. Gap Sandals  3. Wide Leg Pants  4.  LipStick Holder  5. Metallic Headband  6.  Candles  7.  Jeweled Headband  8. Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook  9.  C Wonder Chevron Glass

I picked the above with relaxation in mind. It is so hard to take care of kids when you are sick I do not take relaxing for granted. The headbands are my absolute favorite. I could live in only Anthropologie headbands. For instance today I went out in public and didn't want to do my hair so I put one of these on and instant style! The dress and the pants look so comfy. And how freaking cool is that lipstick holder?! I chuck mine in a drawer and am constantly loosing them, would be nice to have them on display.

For those who love jewelry I highly recommend the Stella and Dot make your own charm necklaces. They are so great and I have one with my kids birthstones I wear a ton. It's more on the sentimental side if you are into that for Mother's Day. You can purchase and build your own or for a gift here: Stella and Dot

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