Thursday, May 9, 2013

Recent Etsy Finds..Beauty

Happy Thursday, seriously this week is flying by. I have been going strong with my spin class and feel really great! There is something about an hour to yourself to workout with awesome music and no kids that makes class seem more appealing. :) (they have daycare at the gym).

In any regard I had some free time today and was looking through Etsy. I haven't looked through this site in such a long time I missed it! This time I was looking for beauty products. I have yet to order or search for handmade beauty items and was curious what was out there. I really found some great items I would be interested in and would love to share what I found! Hoorah!

Lip Balm

Lip Balm 
Both of the above Lip Balms is from the shop Theme Fragrance  They also specialize naturally in fragrances. I just love the name of the one below makes me think of summer and $18 bucks is not half bad for fragrance. I am def ordering a few items from this shop.


The next store I came across makes its own sunless tanner! What every super pale girl needs. The woman behind this is an Esthetician and worked in some high end spas. The shop is La Dolce Vitan and the products below are about 8 dollars each. So affordable!

Self Tanning Lotion
Sugar Scrub
I only highlighted two shops because I spent about 30 minutes looking at both of them obsessing before the kids needed me. Do you have any favorite bath and body or beauty shops on Etsy?


  1. Those bear hug lip balms look so cute!!

  2. I am obsessed with the shop Stella Kenton! She does lip balms and scrubs and I would even go as far to say that they are on par with Lush's lip scrubs which are 5x the price. :)

  3. Those chai tea lip balms look awesome!