Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Reading and New Workout Videos

1. The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook. 2. The Honest Toddler. 3. Parenting Illustrated by Crappy Pictures 4. Carry on Warrior. 5. Porn for New Moms

Goodness I get sucked into Amazon. I was on the site recently looking for a good book and looked down at my suggestions and well 45 minutes later I have added a ton of other books I never thought about into my cart. ack.

I am not much of a reader so I like sweet and simple reads. I also like cookbooks. And lately I have been reading books by other mom bloggers.  The books I choose above are on my summer reading list, well minus #5, I thought this would be a hilarious gift to a new mom for those of you looking for quirky add-ons to a baby shower gift.

The Gluten Free cookbook I want because my sister in law makes these ridiculous cookies that are amazing yet shall I say somewhat healthy for you? If a cookie can be healthy.  I don't really eat gluten free but thought the recipies would be worth a shot to make for Claire and well myself and Nik.

I follow the Honest Toddler on Facebook and it's great. I am excited to read this book which is apparently hilarious according to the reviews.

Number 3 was on my suggestion list and I am so excited. My friends have passed around a few of her illustrations and they are hilarious and so true. This could be a good coffee table book or quick read if you are in a bad mood. ha

Number 4 I have seen people talking about everywhere, she is a blogger Although this may be the most serious in the bunch....regardless I am intrigued to read it soon.

Are there any good, hilarious books worth reading this summer?

On the fitness front I have been looking for some new videos to add to my collection. Don't get me wrong I still love Physique 57, I just wanted something else to mix in. I have read nothing but fabulous reviews on Fusion Fitness and Ballet Physique. Actually I am going to try a online workout by Fusion tomorrow. They have on demand workouts! If I love it I will buy the series....

Has anyone tried these videos? I am pumped to try!

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