Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans Baby Weight Progress

Happy Friday! I feel normal again and ready to take on the weekend! Yesterday was my husband and I's 4th wedding anniversary and tonight we are going out to dinner sans kids to celebrate. I am crossing my fingers we can take a weekend trip next year without the kids for the big 5 years.

I have known my husband since we were in college and met studying abroad in Ireland in gulp 1999. We pub crawled all over Ireland together with our friends.  We managed to stay in touch and met up here and there until we made it official in 2007. One of my favorite meet ups was with my good friend Aly in 2001.  We stayed with Nik and his roommate and it was so incredibly hot and humid I remember putting a wet face cloth on my face to cool down so I could sleep because Aly and I were sleeping on their top floor and it was probably 90 degrees in the room. They had no AC on the entire time. The entire trip was a fun boozefest around Chicago but the best was when we were leaving, Nik mentioned they in fact had air conditioning but never turned it on. I looked like a wet dog the entire trip and was miserable and come to find out they had it the entire time didn't make me mad but made me laugh. Random stories like that make my memories awesome with Nik.

 I moved to Chicago from San Francisco in 2008 as a result.  Here we are 5 years later with two kids. It's pretty awesome.

The top photo is the anniversary card Nik gave me, I feel like they created this card just for him because its very much his sense of humor, its almost as if he wrote it. The bottom photo is from our wedding day at Chateau Julien in Carmel Valley, Ca

In fact here is a picture of our reception in the barrel room (we are not the people on the rt). They use it in their wedding brochure. I wish I had purchased the digital copies of our wedding photos but with everything else we purchased it was way too expensive.

Anyways other then celebrating that, we got a preview of our family photo session with the kids, so far I love them and can't wait to see the others.

And finally I wanted to check in on that baby weight loss I have been working on forever. I am a very slow loser and that is fine with me. I had to take the week off of exercise since I have a bad cough and was really sick earlier this week. But since March I am down 2 inches in my waist, 2 in my hips and one in my legs. I have lost 3lbs this month. It is not much but I am only 8lbs above my pre baby weight..aka my pre Claire AND Tom weight. Yipee! The pic of me at a fundraiser is the most recent. My goal for May is to lose 3 more lbs and then 3 more in June before my sisters wedding.

I hope everyone is doing well, what are your plans for this weekend? I have a Junior League event and then besides our anniversary dinner am hanging out with some old great friends who will be in town.

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