Friday, May 10, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Yay for the weekend! They go by so fast though. This weekend is going to be SUPER exciting. I am going to get my sisters bridesmaids dress altered. Crazy times over here! woo! I think I will throw a few workouts in and maybe sip some wine outside. Standard weekend.

We got Claire a travel bed for when we go to San Diego, Carmel, and Walnut Creek this summer and she is taking a test run in it now. It is a success! She is sleeping in it! For those of you who want a suggestion for a toddler travel bed.

It is the Leachco Bumpzzz and I purchased it on . It is very soft, big and easy to put back into the bag it came with. I threw down one of Claire's pillows, blankets, and her animals and she is sound asleep. Seriously awesome!

It makes me wonder if we would have success transitioning her to a twin bed. Hmmm. Guess we will see how it goes when we travel.

In other news we got our family portraits back. I love taking professional pictures of the family and kids  as I am working on a family wall in our hallway plus I just love professional photographs. Once Tom is a year old I will be doing annual fall family pics for the holidays and our home. If you can find a great photographer then it is such a amazing thing to do to capture your children's personalities. Professional photographers have such a knack for it. When I take pictures of Claire she just looks at the ground. I used Aaryn James Photography here in Fresno and she's seriously the best and we have used her for quite a while. Any good tips for taking family portraits? We had a hard time getting Claire to sit still for longer then a minute, so Aaryn had a good challenge. :)

What are your plans for the weekend?! is it 5pm yet?!

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