Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Zara and Jcrew Comfortable Summer Style for the Postpartum

Happy Tuesday. It is already hot here in Fresno. I cannot believe it is yet another summer. This time last year I was very pregnant with Tom and the summer before that I was in transition from being pregnant with Claire. Needless to say I have had a need for new summer clothing. I cleaned out my closet and got rid of all the old tee shirts and dresses that I haven't worn in a long time. Some do fit but now seem dated and well a lot of my old clothes had dust on them. gross.

6 Months Pregnant last summer

I am 7 months postpartum and only have about 13lbs to go before I am back to my normal size (have lost 9 since January and 25 total since October). Not very far to go! However it also means I am in an in between stage with my clothing and need some transition items that will hold me over until I reach my goal.

Long story short I totally forgot about Zara! I was looking on their site the other day and found tons of really affordable pieces and the best part were the elastic shorts! ya! Below is a little better look at some items I am wanting.

This Jacket can dress up any casual outfit

This Dress just looks so comfortable

39 dollar shorts 

Elastic is Key!
And finally I went out and purchased some new T shirts FINALLY! I haven't bought a new t shirt in a couple years and I literally live in them all summer. I rarely get dressed up in the summertime. Jcrew has THE best ones right now. They are loose but not too loose, and made from linen so they don't stretch out a ton to where they are unwearable. I purchased a few basic colors but I so highly recommend these to anyone looking for a good basic.

Linen Tee
Ok off to take care of the kiddos. Another reason for casual wear....makes you not as upset when you get baby drool, snot, etc all over you :)

What are some of your go to summer wardrobe items?

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