Monday, June 17, 2013

A Nice Weekend and

This past week was pretty fun. We went to a Fresno Grizzlies baseball game mid week and hung out in a suite which I had never done. (plus had a babysitter at home for the kids) The suite was really nice and air conditioned and we had a lot of good food and beers. Yes there was not many in attendance but it is so hot here right now so I wasn't suprised.  It was my first time at the game and I really did have a good time.

Other then that we took advantage of our local farmers market and got some fresh tomatoes and basil for a caprese salad, aka my fave. Tom has also started to stand holding onto something, in this case his dad who has some ice cream he desperately wants. Tom has also been crawling like crazy, as in while I type this I am watching him crawl down the hall and make a right turn. (I then get up to go get him and we start the process all over again). I feel like I just did this with Claire. My beefy little guy clocks in at almost 22lbs so I get my weight training carrying him.

This week we are going to my sisters wedding in Carmel and I am really excited for the wedding, but also to get out of town to the coast. yipee. Any fun upcoming trips for you guys?

On another note I have been obsessed with this new website I read about called Influencer.

I received my first product box from them (for free mind you) and it was really pretty cool. I got some whiting toothpaste (large tube), some precision Q-tips, and foot pads for my heels (which I will use this weekend), not to mention some fake eyelashes I am going to try out. I will take some pictures soon but all I did was link my social media accounts and fill out a few surveys and voila! I was in the site today filling out a ton of surveys and unlocking badges galore. It is a really fun process to go through unlock a badge and read other influencers profiles and reviews. Here is some more detailed information on them. If you like it start adding your reviews, I am going to begin my reviews today!

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