Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Amazing New Food Finds

Oh la la isn't that fancy? What the heck is that thing you may be thinking. Well my friends it is my new favorite kitchen appliance. the OXO Good Grips Salad Chopper. I have this thing about lettuce and I pretty much hate it because I can never get the leaves a good small size. Not anymore. This thing is awesome. I throw in at least 2 cups of big spinach leaves and onions etc then before dressing I roll this chopper around the specifically designed chopping bowl and I instantly have a restaurant quality chopped salad. I so highly recommend it if you eat a lot of salads, to me it makes the quality so much better. Exhibit below. And below I only did the chopper a couple times, if you chop longer naturally the pieces become smaller and smaller. These were huge leaves too.

I have also been trying hard to not go get Starbucks daily and I have been really good about it. I came across this iced coffee concentrate at Lassen's market and I love it. I mix mine with almond milk and I am good to go. Tastes just like a coffee shop to me.

It is really funny how coffee can add up isn't it. I think this stuff is way better then the VIA's from Starbucks.

Any cool new products you come across? I am always on the hunt.

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