Friday, June 21, 2013

Guacamole the Ultimate Summer Staple

I may have never mentioned this but my husband is actually the cook in the family. I do the easy recipes, and he will tackle the ones I find on Pinterest that are just a little out of my range. Guacamole is easy, but my husband has this recipe that he made up that has been such a hit with friends and family I just had to share. It is very straight forward but I love it and my parents are asking for it every time we go to their house, even during the holidays.  Read on for some awesome summertime guacamole!

7 Avocados
1/2 White Onion (or red)
2 Cloves Garlic
2 TSP of Cayenne Pepper (or as much as you want depending on how spicy you want it)
2 Limes
2 TBSP of Sour Cream
1 Cup chopped Cherry Tomatoes

First take your avocados and mash with a fork in a large bowl

Chop your garlic finely

Chop your onion finely
Add in the Onion, Garlic, and Cayenne Pepper 
Grab Some Sour Cream
Grab your Limes and Juice them

Grab your Tomatoes and chop em up
Add them all into the mixture
Mix it all up and dip dip dip.

Hope you enjoy, we all love this homemade guac if too spicy add more sour cream or guac, you can customize to your liking.

Happy summer!


  1. I love guacamole--I didn't know people put sour cream in it, though. My husband's guac is more like salsa with avocado chunks in it--but I don't think I'd ever say no to guacamole, whatever the recipe!

  2. YUM, I've been obsessed with avocados lately!


  3. This looks delicious - guac is always perfect for the summer weather!

  4. I love guac but I have never put sour cream in it, I feel like that would be a great addition!

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