Wednesday, June 26, 2013

One Crazy Wedding Weekend and Stella and Dot News

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week. I am still recovering from my sisters wedding in Carmel, Ca. Let me tell you I lived it up. Plus we had both our kids in the hotel room with us which meant no one was sleeping the entire weekend. (only made the hangover a little worse).

The wedding was up at Clint Eastwood's Country Club Tehama. It was gorgeous up there, I want to build my multi million dollar mansion up there when I win the lottery :).  The wedding was under 100 people so it was a good size. The bridal party did a spa day at Bernardus the day before, which I didn't realize was a spa until after we got there. I thought we were just doing manicures and pedicures and then lunch so I got fully ready for the day....I need to go back and spend a full day here luxuriating, the place is ridiculous. They even had a silent meditation pool.

A funny story though I was eating my chicken lunch and a wasp kept harassing me. Finally I finished, got up and the wasp was all over my chicken and flew away with a huge chunk of it. Gross! This wasp was apparently a carnivore. Weird right?

Anywho my husband and I stayed up at Tehama after the wedding so we were near the kids who were with a babysitter most of the weekend. It really worked out well, although the kids wanted to stay up and hang out when we wanted to sleep.

If anyone wants to see the wedding slideshow here is the link

Also random but dot dollars is still going on this week at Stella and Dot! For every $50 you spend on jewels you will get a $25 dollar credit to use the following month on more jewelry or if you wanted to purchase a gift for someone! I am so close to making my limit to get my fall line so if anyone is interested I would love it seriously if you pulled the trigger on anything you have been eyeing. Plus a lot of good stuff is on sale!

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  1. I love Carmel, we went there every summer growing up!