Friday, July 5, 2013

Amazing all Natural Skincare Line at BeautyCounter and Product Giveaway (on Facebook)

If there is one thing I am super picky about it is hair and face products.  Especially with my skin. The last few months my skin had some dry patches that I could not for the life of me get rid of.  I normally will spend a good amount of money on facial moisturizers and cleansers because I want the best for my fair, sensitive skin.  The weather is just so dry here that I almost gave up on trying to get rid of the dry patches.  That was until my sister in law introduced me to a beauty line she sells called Beauty Counter.

BeautyCounter is pretty unique because its mission is to teach people about the chemicals in the everyday products we use on our bodies and how to avoid these chemicals. Not only that they partner with a few charity organizations to further educate children and adults.

Just based on that I know they put a lot of work into their products. All their skin products are natural, organic, and safe. Considering you put moisturizer on your face daily that is a good thing.

I purchased and tried 3 items for two months and I have to say my skin is so so much better already. My favorite of the bunch is the above oils. I just own one but you dab it on your skin before you put your moisturizer on and it just sucks it up. I think this was the main reason my skin started to heal.

The moisturizer is soothing and light but blends perfectly with the face oils

I love this cleanser it is milky and in no way drying

If you live in the San Diego area you can also host a product show much like a Stella and Dot trunk show, aka super easy to do. You can try all the products and you get some cool hosting rewards.  If you do not live in the area but want to check them out go to this website

If you want to be entered for a free BeautyCounter facial cleanser just go to Aerial's Beautycounter Facebook page, like it and enter the contest It will only run a week!!! Beautycounter Facebook

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  1. Thank you for the Beautycounter love, Erin! I'm so glad you are having such great results. I think it's important to note that Beautycounter products are not all natural or organic. We use organic ingredients whenever possible. All of our products are safe and healthy. You can read more about our ingredients, including the selection process here: