Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Citrus Lane Review and Party Potty Training Time

Well I have decided it is time to really potty train Claire. I have been terrified of trying to train her imagining her running around the house peeing on our carpet. Good times. But I have to do it at some point. Today I headed out to Walgreen's and purchased a ton of toy cars and animals that were pretty cheap. I got cars because unlike most girls her age who love princess costumes and dolls Claire is obsessed with cars. Like freaks out about cars. So cars it is.

these are some super cool cars
So far she is using her potty seat as a comfortable lounge chair and has not used the potty at all. And I keep giving her water. So she is holding it. This could take a while.

On another note I had been seeing tons of ads on Facebook for Citrus Lane and decided to give it a whirl. I cancelled my WittleBee subscription because I was seeing the same clothing over and over again. But it is ok because I did want to try other subscription boxes.

I filled out a questionnaire and have it tailored to Tom's needs right now. The box is much cheaper then WittleBee. (My first box was about 15 dollars with a promo code). Below I have highlighted what came in this months box.
Oh la la a postagram redemption for 10 postcards!

Some antibacterial wipes. They are nice and non drying

A cute long container with mini containers for snacks and formula for on the road

Tom loved messing with this thing, it moves in all sorts of directions. Then he hit me in the face with it and loved that part the most so kept trying to do that.

Travel size soap and conditioner from California Baby

an interesting dried organic food to mix with formula or milk. I thought this picture was clear but it is not whoops

Hope you enjoyed that, I think its a pretty cool thing to subscribe to. I love learning about brands I may have never heard of before.

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