Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cute Kid Finds for the Book Nerd in You

If I haven't mentioned it before Claire loves Olivia. She has about 6 different dolls, watches her show constantly, and always makes me dress or undress olivia into her pjs to go along with the show. But rather then say pj's she just tells me to put clothes on and then tells me to make her naked. It sort of cracks me up but I just go with it.

A while back I got Claire an Olivia tee shirt from Old Navy that has since become too small. I was randomly on one of my favorite sites PopSugar kids and found this awesome website through them. The company is called Out of Print and they make tee shirts and accessories using old book titles. They sell baby, women, men, and kids lines. The baby and kids are so cute and I have included some of my favorites.

Aren't these great? I am not much of a book nerd now a days but I loved books when I was young. I used to raid the book fairs at my elementary school and come home with tons of books. If you are still all about reading they have some fun titles for adults.

I am going to get a couple for the kids. And can't wait to see if they add more styles.

As far as potty training is going, well its not. Claire has become wise to my game of getting a toy when she pees in her potty. She now pees a tiny bit jumps up and wants her toy. Then she holds her pee in until she gets a diaper, which just can't be good for her bladder. She refuses to put on big girl undies too. Then when they are on her she just pees through them and keeps playing. I am not sure whether to take a break and try again in a week or so or to just keep at it. I thought we were making progress but we have taken a few steps backwards. sigh.

It is all in perfect timing because I am heading to Carmel this weekend to see my 5 bff's from college at UCSB for a nice break. We have not had a reunion in about 10 years although I have seen the girls here and there separately. I cannot believe it has been this long and we need to do it more often. We always pick right back up where we left off and have an amazing time. It's just relaxed fun and I cannot wait. Nik is a trooper for taking the kids while I have my very first girls getaway since having kids. Crazy. I hope all of you are having a great week. Do you have college reunions? and if so how often?

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