Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DVF for Gap Kids and Summer Baby Boy Wear

For the last 24 hours I have had a terrible stomach virus and I am finally coming out of it (I hope). It is so hot here (111 degrees) and between not feeling well and well not going outside I have had some time to look for some new summer clothes for the kids. Claire is on the verge of wearing 4T and Tom is slowly moving into 12 months. I find about every 4 months or so I am having to purchase a wave of new outfits. I haven't shopped at the Gap for a while and decided to head on over there on the hunt for some new items.

From top left to right. ONE./TWO/ THREE/ FOUR/ FIVE /SIX / SEVEN/ EIGHT 

What I realized was Diane Von Furstenberg is back at Gap for kids (although I am not sure how long her line has been out). I didn't purchase anything for Claire last year because I thought her clothing would look better on an older toddler, plus Claire stays in her clothing longer then she did last summer. The kids need something easy to slip into with breathable fabrics. I have Tom in a lot of onsies because it is so hot but I love how Gap has semi tee shirt onsies right now. The only dilemna I have with Tom is he is crawling all over the hardwood floors and is getting some wear and tear on his knees and feet. But he is otherwise cool and comfortable in this heat.

Above are my picks from Gap for keeping kids cute and cool this summer!

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  1. Oh no, feel better.....what a horrible time to be sick!