Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Specialty Socks for Every Occasion

So it is Wednesday and I have had a nice little day, it went by fast actually. I swear since Tom started crawling I barely have time to do anything, he gets into everything, much more then Claire did. This weekend we are visiting friends in the bay area and I get to meet my friends brand new baby, I cannot wait! I haven't been up north in quite some time so this will be even more fun.

On another note the kind people at Kushyfoot sent me some different pairs of socks to try out. I personally have never purchased specialty socks before (I am more a sweat sock all around kind of girl) but I have to say it is a pretty neat idea and I did love the socks.

I received a pair of athletic socks (not pictured because I used before I could photograph), a low cut foot cover, some plastic sandals that you can throw in your purse when you go to get pedicures, and some yoga socks with tread.

My favorite of the bunch are the low cut socks. They have some extra padding at the footbed which for me is super important because I am just a miserable person in heels, or standing for long periods of time in flats. Plus it stops the rub and prevents blisters.  I liked the yoga socks with tread because I sweat a lot when I workout and these help me stay put!

The socks are really affordable and available at

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