Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Happenings and a Guest Post: "Ideas for Recreating Your Favorite Celebrity Events"

How was your weekend? As you can see from above I skipped out on the massive heat wave we are having here in central California, whipped out some fall clothing and headed out to the coast with the fam. I cannot tell you how awesome cool weather is, its my ultimate favorite, even the it all.  We went wine tasting in Carmel Valley with my parents and ate some amazing food. It was overall pretty relaxing. I was also sporting my new short haircut. I had short hair for a long time and it had been years since I had it short so I went for it and I just love it! Why I ever dealt with long hair I just don't know. :)

Today I wanted to bring you something a little different. Arianna over at had some great ideas on summer events and wanted to share with all my readers. Please go ahead and follow along with her she has some amazing tips!

Ideas for Recreating Your Favorite Celebrity Events

      Once summer rolls around and the kids are home for summer break, the season of warm weather, family vacations and bored children running through your house begins. Though most people consider summer the time of year for relaxation, in my household it never fails to turn into the craziest time of the year!

    Some of my girlfriends and I were talking, or more so griping, about what we would have to do to hop on a plane and fly away for a no-kids vacation full of great service, fantastic drinks, and best of all, some peace and quiet. Considering that this idea sounds just like the extravagant lives of celebrities, we decided that we were going to try our hardest to make this fantasy a reality this summer! As opposed to just dreaming about fun vacations and endless drinks at an exotic location, we were going to do our best to live it!

    As Kim Kardashian is tending to her child on one of a dozen red carpets this summer, the girls and I intend on hosting our very own summer shindigs. After enjoying a good deal of sangria on our pool floats, we brainstormed some great ideas on how to recreate some of our favorite celebrity inspired events to jumpstart a summer free of stress!

Celebrity summer: Private Island
Even though it’s common knowledge that many leading celebrities own their own private islands, I still get envious whenever I hear about it. While vacation homes are a nice escape from everyday life when the kids are on break or an extended weekend comes along, which just isn’t the same as having your own island. Tyler Perry, Leonardo DiCarprio and the like have the best locales for party scenes, by far. After all, how could you beat taking a pricey private jet to your exclusive island and partying the night away with your closest friends?

Your summer: Local, Relatively Unknown Location
Just because you can’t hop on your jet and be whisked away to your own island when you feel like it doesn’t mean that you can’t get something close to a fun day in the sun! Hunt down some lesser known beaches, lakes or similar water-themed locations. With tons of activities, such as renting a canoe or snorkeling, to do at any of these locations, you can have the fun you want while still keeping the kids entertained.

Celebrity summer: MTV Music Video Awards Ceremony
Even if you don’t tune in on the night of the awards, you’re sure to hear the news of the craziest outfit or an impromptu dance routine the next morning! Whether it’s Gaga’s meat dress or Jennifer Lopez’s low cut Versace dress, the Video Music Awards is infamous for it’s crazy fashion statements. No matter what guests are lined up for the event, you can be sure that there will be plenty of gossip revolving around the show that will keep even the chattiest of us busy for weeks!

Your summer: Karaoke Event
A great way to experience the excitement of a music awards show is to host one with your family and friends! Have your guests show up in some of their most daring clothing ensembles and belt out some of their favorite artists’ nominated tunes on a rented karaoke machine. Once everyone has sung their hearts out, have your guests vote for their favorite performance and offer up some simple prizes, like a gift card or a basket full of snacks, for the winner! Prepare acceptance speeches that are guaranteed to make people giggle!

Celebrity summer: Las Vegas Bachelorette Party
Sin City is now the place to be for celebrity ladies to have one last party before tying the knot and settling down. Be it Kim Kardashian or Ashlee Simpson, plenty of famous bachelorettes have been spotted in Las Vegas clubs getting their groove on and wishing farewell to the single life, even if what happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay there anymore!

Your summer: Night on the Town
Is a family member or one of your best friends about to take a walk down the aisle? Make sure that she doesn’t forget her last night as a bachelorette! If your current location doesn’t boast a very exciting nightlife, plan out a weekend and head to the nearest city that can offer a bit more excitement. Grab a meal at a nice restaurant, go see an engaging show or just let loose at a popular club. The only rule is that the bride-to-be should remember the night long after vows are exchanged!

    As Kim Kardashian is tending to her child on one of a dozen red carpets this summer, the girls and I intend on hosting our very own summer shindigs! Recreate some of our favorite celebrity inspired events to jumpstart a summer free of stress!

Arianna is a full-time mom and a fashion-lover, world traveler, animal lover, and family woman extraordinaire. She loves to cook and bake, travel to new places, share great fashion finds, and spend time doing crafts and projects at home with her kids. She’s got a crazy busy life, but she wouldn’t have it any other way! Follow her blog at!

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