Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Last week/weekend was a great time to relax. We had no serious plans and had a break before we go to Carmel this upcoming weekend. Nik and I were feeling off all week and our entire family has come down with a cold. It took a long time to make its appearance considering I felt weird on Tuesday. Seriously there is nothing worse then a cold in the summer. I feel overall ok just tired with a cough. Hopefully it will just disappear tomorrow. Both kids have a cough and so does Nik. blech. So good thing we don't have much to do this week either!

Tom turned 9 months last week. NINE months. It is insane how fast that went. He is almost ready to walk too. He is big on balancing by not holding onto anything and so proud of himself that he can do so.
Newborn Tom

Tom 9 months

Clare with her Laptop and Starbucks lemonade. She's a girl on the go

Claire pumping some iron with me over the weekend.
Claire starts her school next month which I think will be so good for her. Since it is so hot we don't do too much around here. She does fit in a workout with me though when she can. I wasn't feeling 100% this weekend but still exercised to sweat it all out. I was doing some burpees and so out of breath and Claire did them right along side me. When I would take a break she kept saying "again" over and over until I went again. Talk about my mini personal trainer. I was silently hoping Nik would take her away so I could rest longer, but I have a feeling he was laughing at my little dictator. 

I am ready for some cool coastal weather this weekend! What are all your plans for the week?

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