Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Another Busy Week and the Oral B Wow Experience Review

Yes my friends that is a food scale. I have been mindless snacking on cheese, crackers, and wine lately without really considering how much I am actually consuming. Shockingly I haven't lost any weight lately either. So I saw this video on Joyus (pretty much they sell me on anything on that site) and I really do love it. Well love is a strong word, more like crap this glass is 153 calories. It did help though, rather then pouring my 3rd glass last Friday, I just sat there and was like I had 300 calories in just wine so I just went without that third glass. You can get the scale here Perfect Portions.

On another note we went up to Shaver Lake for the day with Nik's dad and it was fun. My family used to have a cabin up there and we would go all the time, but now I rarely go. It was so nice to be in the mountains in cooler, cleaner air. My dream really one day is to have a place up there and buy a pontoon boat. I dream big.

And finally Tom's favorite teething toy is an old vibrating toothbrush from Oral B. It's funny really.  I actually signed up for the Oral B Wow Experience to test out their new electronic toothbrush. I am so prone to cavities it is ridiculous so I am always open to new products for my teeth. I received the brush last week and have been using it ever since. For around $65 dollars I believe it rivals my current sonicare, and at a much better cost. You can even switch the head one the brush is worn out. My teeth felt clean and I love how it is electronic. My husband wants one now! I highly recommend for anyone who is looking for an affordable electronic toothbrush. Get yours at Oral B

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  1. Love the lake pics!!