Monday, August 12, 2013

Birthday Wish List...Fall Item Must Haves

I hope everyone had a great weekend! It has been a busy past week and weekend around here hence not posting as much last week. Here are a few highlights:

We finally got Claire a twin bed and will be assembling it this upcoming weekend. Now lets hope she actually stays in bed because there is no turning back now.

Claire also starts school tomorrow twice a week and it is going to free up some time to get my errands done, and spend some time with Tom. I think she will love it and hopefully make some friends.

I have been going strong with working out 6 days a week between spin class and a weights class but I have still been stuck at the same weight for the last couple months. I guess somewhat a bummer but overall I do feel better and more strong.  But I do really need to clean up the diet as I have gone sort of lax. Just gotta keep on trying.

So I know it is only August but I love when I start seeing the back to school shopping commercials and Halloween decor ideas posted on Pinterest. It gets me excited for my favorite time of year. Granted it won't be cool here until mid October but in any regard the time I like to shop is in the fall. I have been on a no shopping at Target and no clothing shopping online kick and I plan to continue it until end of September where I will go into actual stores to try on and purchase some fall items. I am trying to not be impulsive as I normally am, so far so good.

Next month is my birthday (that is coming up too fast) so I sort of combined my birthday wish list with some items that I intend on purchasing this fall. As you know I am all about comfort that is easy to lounge around at the house in and then go run errands. Although sometimes I look just a mess at home in old sweats and I gasp go run errands that way I am trying to upgrade my home outfits so that I am presentable whenever yet totally comfortable. Some items I included I am loving for date nights. I just want all of it ahh!

Number one is a fabulous lace jacket by Anthropologie, would look great with skinny jeans and a camisole or blouse as shown. Number two is a super soft zip up sweatshirt that is great for the gym or errands, I found this one on Joyus. Number three is another Joyus find and a perfect date night blouse, I love the pattern and flow of this top. Number four is flowy pants by Splendid who really know how to make comfortable items look cute. Number five is a pair of ballet flats I have wanted from Toms for a while. Number six is a good denim jacket, this one is from Madewell. Finally number seven is my ultimate favorite, a sweatshirt that looks like an amazing sweater. James Perse has some of the softest fabrics. I love them all. I hope you are all having a fantastic Monday. Any items I missed on your must haves for fall?


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  1. Those Toms flats???? Love!