Friday, August 30, 2013

Citrus Lane August Review

Ya I meant to send this out last week and well that just didn't happen. I have been picking up a lot of additional work for my old company and that has been preoccupying my evenings and weekends. So any free extra time I have had I spend it with the family.  I need to get this time management thing down so I can fit in some time for blogging, because I do miss it. I am getting a babysitter to come and help me out with the kids a couple times a week so I can do some work and throw in a few blog postings. It will help a lot because Tom will not let me sit at a computer even to read emails during the day, which is normal considering he's still a baby. Claire was a little different as a baby and was good at sitting in the office with me playing with her toys but Tom wants more interaction, and still isn't on a predictable nap schedule. Once his naps become predictable I think that will help free up some time too.

Anyways this months Citrus Lane box did not disappoint.  I have gone ahead and cancelled my PopSugar and Wittle Bee boxes to save some money but am going to continue with Citrus Lane for a couple more months just because I love seeing new products for kids.

So Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription that comes to your door mid month. You can personalize the boxes for your kids age. I have mine tailored to Tom bomb. They are $21/month. Here is more information. Citrus Lane.

These were just ok, I thought the scent was sort of bad

Tom ate these up!

Starting his collection of boy themed toys

These socks are so cute with the chickens

Both Claire and Tom loved this book.
So there it is! A very cool little box for kids. As for this weekend we have a few bbqs to attend and for the most part I am recovering from a cold so we will probably take it easy. I really want to hit up some labor day sales but we will see. I do need some new clothes for our upcoming trip to Chicago in early October. I hope everyone has a fantabulous Labor Day weekend!

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  1. I really want to start getting this box once Baby Girl shows up!