Friday, September 27, 2013

Weekly Recap

Hello. I realize I have been bad at consistently blogging lately it's not that I don't want to anymore, I just am not having as much free time as I had before. I am considering revamping the look of the blog but I weigh that with how consistent I can be with my posts. I do have a lot to share, I swear :)

Today is my husbands birthday and we are going out for pizza to celebrate. It should be fun and rather mellow. We are heading to Chicago next week so I have been telling Claire all week that we are going to ride in an airplane to see grandma and grandpa and she seems to have some excitement for it all. We will see when we board the plane!

On another note the weather here has just been gorgeous so I have been looking for some clothing to get Claire and Tom. Tom is easy because he can still wear all Target until he stays at a more consistent size for a while. For the last year Claire has remained at a size 3T but has recently moved up to a 4T. I found this great website that carries really trendy cute comfortable clothing for babies, toddlers, and older children and just fell in love with this outfit. The pants are only $22 which is such a deal! The company is called Arrow and Aspen and you can find this outfit here: Harem Pants

I also found a pair of little riding boots for claire that are so cute from Gap.

You can find these boots here: Gap Toddler Boots

Claire and Tom have been really into holding hands lately and she loves to say she is "walking the baby" she does this around the house, outside wherever she can grab a hold of Tom's hand and walk him. I personally love it and think its really cute. They are getting old enough to interact more.

Last Sunday morning I caught the two doing this while watching morning cartoons

And this week I participated in some free Bar Method community classes which they were holding until their studio opens. I am still so sore from the class and can't wait to partake in the classes and hope to become a member (if I get a job and my husband agrees to the steep $140/month price tag) but I swear this type of workout has always gotten me so toned, so ack I want to. Anyways on my second day of class the local news station came in to film. Um my worst nightmare. I literally rolled out of bed took Claire to school, left Tom with a babysitter and went to class with zero make up on (obvi) and not feeling so great in my workout gear. I just have to laugh because seriously you couldn't get a more worse shot to show all over the news. Oh well F it :)

sexy no?

So that is that I hope you all have a great weekend!!! Happy fall!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Results at the Gym aka Feeling Great During Your Weight Loss Journey

Ok so ignore the fact that I have goblet of wine and a decadent desert in front of me, it was my birthday :)

The last few weeks I have been so completely drained I feel as if I have another newborn. I have kept up my workout routines going about 5-6 days a week. 3 days in a strength training class (usually me and a few dudes) a HIIT class and a spin class. I was noticing after class I was feeling exhausted, drained and wanting to go home to sleep. I am eating well (minus last week) and trying to not drink during the week. I have my juiced juice in the am and a shakeology shake.

Shocker to myself that my weight loss is slow as molasses, but that is ok, since I am weight training I don't expect my weight to go down much. My clothing is still fitting better but I do still have a ways to go.  I went earlier this week to get my thyroid re tested (as I do every 3 months). While being on two medications the test came back and my numbers were low, showing the medication wasn't working well. That completely explains the total fog I have been in, how tired and lethargic I am, and how hard my workouts have been feeling as if I am running on fumes. It is shocking that I lived for a few years just like this without taking any medication (before I ever had my thyroid tested). It explains my lack of focus for long periods of time and how after a 8 hour stint of sleep I couldn't get my head out of the fog or wake up. It also explains why it has been SO hard to lose weight. I have my new dose and I am hoping in a few days I will have my energy back.

Anyways back to why I think results at the gym aren't necessarily based on the scale. I have become so much stronger lifting weights I am able to do body pull ups (something I could barely do before), I leg press easily 150lbs (on the leg press machine), and I can squat up to 40lbs, possibly more. I can do burpees like a champ and sprints are becoming doable, not debilitating. I am so happy with my progress other members in my class have commented how strong I have become. It really is a milestone, the last time I was this physically fit was back in 2005. The only difference now is obviously my thyroid issue and my body after two kids. Other then that I don't see much difference in my endurance and stamina (except for the last couple weeks due to my thyroid). It feels really good and I am glad at how far I have come. I still have a few outfits I want to get back into and I do believe it will happen but only with the continued dedication I have had to fitness and trying to be overall more healthier in my eating, with a few celebratory times inbetween, aka life.

This time last year I was 9 months pregnant counting down till Tom bomb showed up. Crazy. I hope you are all having a fantastic week. If you lift weights, how long was it before you noticed a difference in how strong you were becoming?

Friday, September 13, 2013

Great Shoes for your Toddler

Running downhill with a need for speed (and a tumble)

look at the wind whipping through her hair
So when I was thinking of what to write today I decided to go with something that I have been dealing with this week. There are a bazillion kids shoes out there and I have finally figured out what types of shoes to purchase for my toddler each season. (it is shoe buying season in this household)

When Claire first started wearing shoes I would get her the cheap sandals at Target which was perfect for when she was walking and not really being too adventurous. Once I bought her her first pair of sneakers that again I got at Target I noticed she would trip and fall a lot. It was skinned knee city. I have such a hard time spending a good amount of money on anything for the kids only because I know they will grow out of it fast. But if there is one thing you should invest your money in is a good pair of tennis shoes. Well that and a good coat but I have yet to buy her one this year since its still hot.

I can't take Claire to get shoes because she screams bloody murder but I was able to get her foot measured when I was getting Tom some shoes. She is a tall one and a current size 10 in Todder shoes. But her growth has slowed down so her shoes last much longer then before.

I went onto Zappos which to me is one of the best companies to shop with because they have videos of all their products, the best customer service, and hassle free shipping and returns. After looking at multiple videos online I decided to go with a pair of New Balance's. The cost was much higher then I had spent on shoes for her before but it was so well worth it. In the pictures above she was running up and down a hill, she near fell once but overall kept herself grounded. They literally helped her balance.

Claire wore the heck out of these shoes and now I am considering purchasing the same pair but in a different color. I also was thinking of trying another brand but we will see. After watching various reviews I have narrowed it down to these two:

Pumas at Zappos

Same pair of New Balance's she has on now

So there you have it if you are looking for new tennis shoes for your little one I do highly recommend some New Balances. 

On another note my birthday was yesterday and I am a little slow going today but have a nice date night with my husband at Flemming's. It should be a great time. I love date nights especially because we don't get to take them very often. We are also moving Claire to a bigger car seat and Tom will be inheriting Claire's current seat. Tom just celebrated being 11 months old, less than one month until he is 1. Time sure does fly. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Monday, September 9, 2013

A New Cabin, Cooking, Parties, etc

Yet another Monday, I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. It was another busy week in the Redmond household. Today is Tom's 11 month "birthday". I literally cannot believe it. I know I say it every month but holy crap is this going by so super fast. Tom is fully walking on his own and we have had a few cut lips with blood to prove how daring he is with walking. Poor guy, I always freak out thinking he broke his teeth, but nope he just keeps walking blood and all.

I have been cooking a ton lately also. I finally am getting a knack for it (only took me 35 years). Above is some spicy avocado slaw. I am trying to eat a little bit more clean as in organic and somewhat gluten free (minus beer), I am not much of an all or nothing individual I have to make small changes for me to keep with something hence somewhat wheat free. I did a health cleanse a couple weeks ago and instantly dropped one pound then another the week after so 2lbs and I am past my plateau that I was on for roughly 5 months. Sort of eye opening because how I thought I was eating before probably wasn't as healthy as I thought. I will be sharing some recipes on here soon!

This past weekend was my good friends baby shower and it was a lot of fun. She already had her baby so essentially it was just another reason to get together and have some cocktails. We (meaning my parents) lol also closed (we being the Ford side of my family) on a townhouse up in the mountains in Shaver Lake. The purpose of this house is so the kids can grow up skiing, playing at the lake and getting out of the bad air in the central valley. We went up to look at it yesterday and its so cute, minus the bat that was loose in the house and flew towards us nearly making me drop my son. Bats aren't very cute. lol

This week I celebrate my birthday and have a date night with my husband on friday. Should be fun. September is birthday month in this house. Me, my husband, and my dog Charlie all celebrate a birthday. I sort of celebrated early by getting a few new make up items and some of those cool jeweled sweatshirts at Old Navy. So affordable I suggest you go immediately!

What fun things did you do this past weekend?