Monday, September 9, 2013

A New Cabin, Cooking, Parties, etc

Yet another Monday, I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. It was another busy week in the Redmond household. Today is Tom's 11 month "birthday". I literally cannot believe it. I know I say it every month but holy crap is this going by so super fast. Tom is fully walking on his own and we have had a few cut lips with blood to prove how daring he is with walking. Poor guy, I always freak out thinking he broke his teeth, but nope he just keeps walking blood and all.

I have been cooking a ton lately also. I finally am getting a knack for it (only took me 35 years). Above is some spicy avocado slaw. I am trying to eat a little bit more clean as in organic and somewhat gluten free (minus beer), I am not much of an all or nothing individual I have to make small changes for me to keep with something hence somewhat wheat free. I did a health cleanse a couple weeks ago and instantly dropped one pound then another the week after so 2lbs and I am past my plateau that I was on for roughly 5 months. Sort of eye opening because how I thought I was eating before probably wasn't as healthy as I thought. I will be sharing some recipes on here soon!

This past weekend was my good friends baby shower and it was a lot of fun. She already had her baby so essentially it was just another reason to get together and have some cocktails. We (meaning my parents) lol also closed (we being the Ford side of my family) on a townhouse up in the mountains in Shaver Lake. The purpose of this house is so the kids can grow up skiing, playing at the lake and getting out of the bad air in the central valley. We went up to look at it yesterday and its so cute, minus the bat that was loose in the house and flew towards us nearly making me drop my son. Bats aren't very cute. lol

This week I celebrate my birthday and have a date night with my husband on friday. Should be fun. September is birthday month in this house. Me, my husband, and my dog Charlie all celebrate a birthday. I sort of celebrated early by getting a few new make up items and some of those cool jeweled sweatshirts at Old Navy. So affordable I suggest you go immediately!

What fun things did you do this past weekend?

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  1. Hi Erin! I found your blog through the Mom Bloggers Club map search and was surprised to see another Clovis, Ca blogger! Your blog is awesome! Just wanted to stop by and say "Hi neighbor!" :) Elizabeth ~Owner of One Mom's Moxie