Friday, September 13, 2013

Great Shoes for your Toddler

Running downhill with a need for speed (and a tumble)

look at the wind whipping through her hair
So when I was thinking of what to write today I decided to go with something that I have been dealing with this week. There are a bazillion kids shoes out there and I have finally figured out what types of shoes to purchase for my toddler each season. (it is shoe buying season in this household)

When Claire first started wearing shoes I would get her the cheap sandals at Target which was perfect for when she was walking and not really being too adventurous. Once I bought her her first pair of sneakers that again I got at Target I noticed she would trip and fall a lot. It was skinned knee city. I have such a hard time spending a good amount of money on anything for the kids only because I know they will grow out of it fast. But if there is one thing you should invest your money in is a good pair of tennis shoes. Well that and a good coat but I have yet to buy her one this year since its still hot.

I can't take Claire to get shoes because she screams bloody murder but I was able to get her foot measured when I was getting Tom some shoes. She is a tall one and a current size 10 in Todder shoes. But her growth has slowed down so her shoes last much longer then before.

I went onto Zappos which to me is one of the best companies to shop with because they have videos of all their products, the best customer service, and hassle free shipping and returns. After looking at multiple videos online I decided to go with a pair of New Balance's. The cost was much higher then I had spent on shoes for her before but it was so well worth it. In the pictures above she was running up and down a hill, she near fell once but overall kept herself grounded. They literally helped her balance.

Claire wore the heck out of these shoes and now I am considering purchasing the same pair but in a different color. I also was thinking of trying another brand but we will see. After watching various reviews I have narrowed it down to these two:

Pumas at Zappos

Same pair of New Balance's she has on now

So there you have it if you are looking for new tennis shoes for your little one I do highly recommend some New Balances. 

On another note my birthday was yesterday and I am a little slow going today but have a nice date night with my husband at Flemming's. It should be a great time. I love date nights especially because we don't get to take them very often. We are also moving Claire to a bigger car seat and Tom will be inheriting Claire's current seat. Tom just celebrated being 11 months old, less than one month until he is 1. Time sure does fly. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. First of all, happy birthday and i be you had a blast. Date nights are always fun because you don' get to do it every day and Claire must be happy with the new bigger seat and so with Tom and about those shoes you got for Claire, they are awesome. I bet she's enjoying all the running wearing those shoes. She looks so cute and happy running like wild and free.