Thursday, September 19, 2013

Results at the Gym aka Feeling Great During Your Weight Loss Journey

Ok so ignore the fact that I have goblet of wine and a decadent desert in front of me, it was my birthday :)

The last few weeks I have been so completely drained I feel as if I have another newborn. I have kept up my workout routines going about 5-6 days a week. 3 days in a strength training class (usually me and a few dudes) a HIIT class and a spin class. I was noticing after class I was feeling exhausted, drained and wanting to go home to sleep. I am eating well (minus last week) and trying to not drink during the week. I have my juiced juice in the am and a shakeology shake.

Shocker to myself that my weight loss is slow as molasses, but that is ok, since I am weight training I don't expect my weight to go down much. My clothing is still fitting better but I do still have a ways to go.  I went earlier this week to get my thyroid re tested (as I do every 3 months). While being on two medications the test came back and my numbers were low, showing the medication wasn't working well. That completely explains the total fog I have been in, how tired and lethargic I am, and how hard my workouts have been feeling as if I am running on fumes. It is shocking that I lived for a few years just like this without taking any medication (before I ever had my thyroid tested). It explains my lack of focus for long periods of time and how after a 8 hour stint of sleep I couldn't get my head out of the fog or wake up. It also explains why it has been SO hard to lose weight. I have my new dose and I am hoping in a few days I will have my energy back.

Anyways back to why I think results at the gym aren't necessarily based on the scale. I have become so much stronger lifting weights I am able to do body pull ups (something I could barely do before), I leg press easily 150lbs (on the leg press machine), and I can squat up to 40lbs, possibly more. I can do burpees like a champ and sprints are becoming doable, not debilitating. I am so happy with my progress other members in my class have commented how strong I have become. It really is a milestone, the last time I was this physically fit was back in 2005. The only difference now is obviously my thyroid issue and my body after two kids. Other then that I don't see much difference in my endurance and stamina (except for the last couple weeks due to my thyroid). It feels really good and I am glad at how far I have come. I still have a few outfits I want to get back into and I do believe it will happen but only with the continued dedication I have had to fitness and trying to be overall more healthier in my eating, with a few celebratory times inbetween, aka life.

This time last year I was 9 months pregnant counting down till Tom bomb showed up. Crazy. I hope you are all having a fantastic week. If you lift weights, how long was it before you noticed a difference in how strong you were becoming?


  1. You are SO committed, I'm impressed!!!


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  3. You are really dedicated to remain fit. Keep it up.