Friday, September 27, 2013

Weekly Recap

Hello. I realize I have been bad at consistently blogging lately it's not that I don't want to anymore, I just am not having as much free time as I had before. I am considering revamping the look of the blog but I weigh that with how consistent I can be with my posts. I do have a lot to share, I swear :)

Today is my husbands birthday and we are going out for pizza to celebrate. It should be fun and rather mellow. We are heading to Chicago next week so I have been telling Claire all week that we are going to ride in an airplane to see grandma and grandpa and she seems to have some excitement for it all. We will see when we board the plane!

On another note the weather here has just been gorgeous so I have been looking for some clothing to get Claire and Tom. Tom is easy because he can still wear all Target until he stays at a more consistent size for a while. For the last year Claire has remained at a size 3T but has recently moved up to a 4T. I found this great website that carries really trendy cute comfortable clothing for babies, toddlers, and older children and just fell in love with this outfit. The pants are only $22 which is such a deal! The company is called Arrow and Aspen and you can find this outfit here: Harem Pants

I also found a pair of little riding boots for claire that are so cute from Gap.

You can find these boots here: Gap Toddler Boots

Claire and Tom have been really into holding hands lately and she loves to say she is "walking the baby" she does this around the house, outside wherever she can grab a hold of Tom's hand and walk him. I personally love it and think its really cute. They are getting old enough to interact more.

Last Sunday morning I caught the two doing this while watching morning cartoons

And this week I participated in some free Bar Method community classes which they were holding until their studio opens. I am still so sore from the class and can't wait to partake in the classes and hope to become a member (if I get a job and my husband agrees to the steep $140/month price tag) but I swear this type of workout has always gotten me so toned, so ack I want to. Anyways on my second day of class the local news station came in to film. Um my worst nightmare. I literally rolled out of bed took Claire to school, left Tom with a babysitter and went to class with zero make up on (obvi) and not feeling so great in my workout gear. I just have to laugh because seriously you couldn't get a more worse shot to show all over the news. Oh well F it :)

sexy no?

So that is that I hope you all have a great weekend!!! Happy fall!

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  1. I love those harem pants, so cute!!