Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thomas in One Year and the Bar Method

I hope you are all are doing great. Thomas turned one a few weeks ago and I put together a fun collage of the boy with his monthly stickers. It is shocking how fast babies grow in one year.  He is walking like a champ and talking somewhat. Saying mama, nana (banana), dada, ball, dog, you know the important things in life.

Big boy in the making.

On another note I have been going to a physical therapist because my pelvic floor is incredibly weak from my pregnancies and back surgery. She told me that I really need to focus on my core and really get it strong to strengthen my posture. (plus would be nice to get rid of my stomach sticking out from weak muscles) She gave me some exercises to do each night but also that the Bar Method is a fabulous addition to my routine. That or pilates. The Bar Method just opened here in town and I bought their one month unlimited pass. I have gone 3 times this week so far and let me tell you I LOVE it.

Back when I lived in the city (SF, Chicago) I would go to the Dailey Method (very similar philosophy) a few times a week and just loved how hard yet relaxing it was. Does that even make sense? I am so used to going to these hardcore, high impact, kill myself workouts. That I forget that even the tiniest movements that the Bar Method focuses on will kill you as well.

Sure I have done these workouts at home and its a fabulous edition but to go to a studio and have someone correct your posture (which they do a lot to me), give me props to help my abs (I am one of the few that needs help :( ), is so beneficial because I have really started to feel my abs so much more and know I am getting an effective workout.

My goal this month is to go to the studio 3-4 days a week and if I go 3 then do a video at home for the 4th. I also would have to go at night when Nik gets home from work which is a huge motivation killer. Mainly because I like working out in the morning but I think I am motivated just enough to do it.

After my first month is over the price shoots up a good amount so I really need to figure out if I am able to continue going (hopefully so).

In any regard I will let you know my progress after this month. And if you haven't tried the Bar Method or any other similar workout I really suggest you try. Don't be intimidated either. Most people in class are just as new as you and the teachers are really there to help you perfect your moves. Also if you want a good video for home they have a great selection!

It has been one hectic week with me picking up more work and both kids were sick. Potty training has taken a back seat because after our trip to Chicago, Claire has decided she doesn't ever want to go to the potty ever again. Back to phase one people. I hope you all are doing great!

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  1. Absolutely adorable, I love this! I am so glad you documented each month!

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