Monday, October 14, 2013

Week in Illinois, Tom's First Birthday, and Traveling with Kids

We just got back from a fabulous week visiting Claire and Tom's grandparents, great grand parents, and our friends back in Illinois. It was a long week but went by so fast as we were so busy.  Nik and I's first weekend was spent kid free for the first time since Claire was born. We got in Thursday and  Friday headed to Chicago. We stayed with our friend Caitlin and her husband Trent and it was so nice to not have to stay at a hotel. During our first day we walked all over the city just Nik and I and pretty much drank wine and ate good food. (I was in no way on my diet or exercise regime and did not care, sometimes a break is a good thing). To sit at a restaurant and not have to swat away little hands, eat at the speed of lightening, and stop meltdowns was in itself a vacation.

We met up with our friends when they were done with work and got some cocktails at the Paris Club then headed to dinner at the Boarding House. We sat at a table with our group totally away from the rest of the restaurant. Normally I would love that but I couldn't see any of the incredible decor of this massive, beautiful restaurant.

with friends at Boarding House

The second day we again went to a sports bar so Nik could meet up with some of his college friends and then we just carted around the city meeting up with old friends. That night we went to a party and stayed up until 3am. I cannot believe I was able to do that. But when in the company of old friends I haven't seen in a while, I was just excited.  

The week on the farm was fun but busy. Below are some trip highlights. It was Tom's first birthday and we celebrated by going apple picking on a local farm. My sisters good friend from college and her kids came out to meet us which was fun to catch up with her too. Only problem was that Tom was not interested in apple picking, or playing on the farm, and wanted to sleep instead. No problem, he slept, we gave him treats all day, he rode a tractor, and had some pie. All in all a great first birthday.

Unimpressed with his pie 

Bringing daddys beer to him

(not sure why the last few are fuzzy)

Ok so I am no traveling pro considering I don't travel much anymore but I have learned some lessons from this trip that I will use next time we fly with two young children. But what I learned about flying with a 12 month old and a 2 year old. The 2 year olds are pretty easy if you have games, ipad, treats, milk, and coloring books (at least for Claire). 12 month olds if they are walking only want to cruise the airplane and walk and smile at people. I could not for the life of me entertain Tom. He only wanted to walk. He screamed for a bit and squirmed a lot. It was really stressful for me, but thankfully people were so nice on the plane. I thought they would sleep on the flight because it was at night, but instead they fell asleep right as we were landing and Claire screamed so loud when i woke her up and cried until we got home pretty much. Cranky pants city. I felt bad but plan to leave and fly in the morning if we are to fly again. They don't always sleep as I thought they might. 

I hope everyone is doing great. I have some fun recipes coming up as I am doing a 21 day clean eating diet through a nutritionist that is sure to help my eating going forward. I had the worst stomach aches from eating bad all week so I am more then ready to get started!

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