Friday, November 1, 2013

Fab Fit Fun VIP Box Review

I haven't done a box review in quite some time. I am absolutely loving FabFitFun's quarterly or shall I say seasonal boxes. The price is around $50 bucks and you get so many amazing items. The good thing is that it comes every 3 months or so rather then monthly. To me that in itself is worth the splurge. To find out about signing up you can go here:  FabFitFun VIP

This season's did not dissapoint. I could not get over how much value the items inside the box were. With the Standing Slim DVD by Barre 3, one of my favorite workout DVD's there is a voucher to get 15 free days of their online workouts! Here are the highlights:

I am not a huge fan of Chia, but my husband loves these bars so I let him eat it

This protein spray has made my hair feel great before I blow-dry it. Caution to not spray too much though

A beautiful Holiday color

Um this is my new drinking companion. I used these vitamins when I went to a wedding and they worked wonders I have since purchased a bottle of Drinkwel vitamins. 

Who doesn't love popcorn

Got this beautiful scarf with birds on it. So cute to dress up a fall outfit

5 awesome smokey eyeshadows that I wore out to the same wedding I used Drinkwel. 

Love Barre 3!

Received the oxygen facewash and this coupon to use at a Bliss Spa

A fun card game with awesome Awkward Family Photos. 

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