Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cute Kid Finds for the Book Nerd in You

If I haven't mentioned it before Claire loves Olivia. She has about 6 different dolls, watches her show constantly, and always makes me dress or undress olivia into her pjs to go along with the show. But rather then say pj's she just tells me to put clothes on and then tells me to make her naked. It sort of cracks me up but I just go with it.

A while back I got Claire an Olivia tee shirt from Old Navy that has since become too small. I was randomly on one of my favorite sites PopSugar kids and found this awesome website through them. The company is called Out of Print and they make tee shirts and accessories using old book titles. They sell baby, women, men, and kids lines. The baby and kids are so cute and I have included some of my favorites.

Aren't these great? I am not much of a book nerd now a days but I loved books when I was young. I used to raid the book fairs at my elementary school and come home with tons of books. If you are still all about reading they have some fun titles for adults.

I am going to get a couple for the kids. And can't wait to see if they add more styles.

As far as potty training is going, well its not. Claire has become wise to my game of getting a toy when she pees in her potty. She now pees a tiny bit jumps up and wants her toy. Then she holds her pee in until she gets a diaper, which just can't be good for her bladder. She refuses to put on big girl undies too. Then when they are on her she just pees through them and keeps playing. I am not sure whether to take a break and try again in a week or so or to just keep at it. I thought we were making progress but we have taken a few steps backwards. sigh.

It is all in perfect timing because I am heading to Carmel this weekend to see my 5 bff's from college at UCSB for a nice break. We have not had a reunion in about 10 years although I have seen the girls here and there separately. I cannot believe it has been this long and we need to do it more often. We always pick right back up where we left off and have an amazing time. It's just relaxed fun and I cannot wait. Nik is a trooper for taking the kids while I have my very first girls getaway since having kids. Crazy. I hope all of you are having a great week. Do you have college reunions? and if so how often?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Friday, Busy Busy Week

I don't know about you but I am ready for the weekend. It has been a pretty hectic week around here hence the lack of blog postings. With two kids on the go I am finding it harder to sit down to write unless both are napping and this past week up until today that just has not happened (same nap time that is).

There was a random rainstorm here on Monday making the weather overcast and slightly cooler on Tuesday so I took the entire clan for a long walk. Claire is a master dog walker and walked charlie an entire mile even stopping for his bathroom breaks. I see a future Cesar Milan in her.

I have been working on potty training Claire and that in it of itself is just exhausting. Exhausting because I have to follow her around (she is sans diaper) making sure she doesn't have an accident. In addition to keeping up with Tom who is getting into things like crazy. So far we are 2 days without an accident so we celebrated today and got some big girl undies.  Claire relaxed a bit with some Life cereal.  She however would only eat it out of the box and not the snack cup I put it in.

Big boy Tom is just shy of 10 months but yesterday he took 4 steps all by himself! I have never seen a more determined baby. I am so impressed with him because I didn't know babies could walk this early! Even Claire applauded his efforts and Tom was very proud of himself that he started to play with my sock. Party animal.

This weekend Nik and I are having a lunch date and we have a babysitter so we can take a breather. It has been a while since we have had a date. That will be nice. As you can see lots of good progress around here and while I barely have time to blog, do reviews, and research some awesome products, I love every minute of this! I hope everyone has a glorious weekend!

I should be getting my Stella and Dot Fall goodies soon and can't wait to write a review about it. I am just loving everything about this fall line this year. If you want a lookbook I am happy to mail one to you or just as usual shop online at

Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Happenings and a Guest Post: "Ideas for Recreating Your Favorite Celebrity Events"

How was your weekend? As you can see from above I skipped out on the massive heat wave we are having here in central California, whipped out some fall clothing and headed out to the coast with the fam. I cannot tell you how awesome cool weather is, its my ultimate favorite, even the it all.  We went wine tasting in Carmel Valley with my parents and ate some amazing food. It was overall pretty relaxing. I was also sporting my new short haircut. I had short hair for a long time and it had been years since I had it short so I went for it and I just love it! Why I ever dealt with long hair I just don't know. :)

Today I wanted to bring you something a little different. Arianna over at had some great ideas on summer events and wanted to share with all my readers. Please go ahead and follow along with her she has some amazing tips!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Citrus Lane Review and Party Potty Training Time

Well I have decided it is time to really potty train Claire. I have been terrified of trying to train her imagining her running around the house peeing on our carpet. Good times. But I have to do it at some point. Today I headed out to Walgreen's and purchased a ton of toy cars and animals that were pretty cheap. I got cars because unlike most girls her age who love princess costumes and dolls Claire is obsessed with cars. Like freaks out about cars. So cars it is.

these are some super cool cars
So far she is using her potty seat as a comfortable lounge chair and has not used the potty at all. And I keep giving her water. So she is holding it. This could take a while.

On another note I had been seeing tons of ads on Facebook for Citrus Lane and decided to give it a whirl. I cancelled my WittleBee subscription because I was seeing the same clothing over and over again. But it is ok because I did want to try other subscription boxes.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Last week/weekend was a great time to relax. We had no serious plans and had a break before we go to Carmel this upcoming weekend. Nik and I were feeling off all week and our entire family has come down with a cold. It took a long time to make its appearance considering I felt weird on Tuesday. Seriously there is nothing worse then a cold in the summer. I feel overall ok just tired with a cough. Hopefully it will just disappear tomorrow. Both kids have a cough and so does Nik. blech. So good thing we don't have much to do this week either!

Tom turned 9 months last week. NINE months. It is insane how fast that went. He is almost ready to walk too. He is big on balancing by not holding onto anything and so proud of himself that he can do so.
Newborn Tom

Tom 9 months

Clare with her Laptop and Starbucks lemonade. She's a girl on the go

Claire pumping some iron with me over the weekend.
Claire starts her school next month which I think will be so good for her. Since it is so hot we don't do too much around here. She does fit in a workout with me though when she can. I wasn't feeling 100% this weekend but still exercised to sweat it all out. I was doing some burpees and so out of breath and Claire did them right along side me. When I would take a break she kept saying "again" over and over until I went again. Talk about my mini personal trainer. I was silently hoping Nik would take her away so I could rest longer, but I have a feeling he was laughing at my little dictator. 

I am ready for some cool coastal weather this weekend! What are all your plans for the week?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Current Summer Wants

TGIF! I hope everyone has some awesome weekend plans. I myself am not doing too much which is great because we have been so busy around here. Just going to take the weekend to relax, workout, and catch up on some tv shows that are bogging down our dvr. I swear I can never catch up with any of our shows. But I am excited to do so this weekend. I will also be trying to make a cauliflower crust pizza. Let's see how it turns out, could go either way really. :)

I know it is the dead of summer but this is one of my fave times to look at clothing for end of summer/fall. That great transition where you can still wear your maxi dress, or your skirt and tank top but throw on a light jacket. Or lounge around the house in some comfy pants. It will be very hot here for a while longer but it still doesn't stop me from looking.

Here are my top summer wants for end of summer!


I love the rushing on the James Perse dress. It is fitted but forgiving. The lounge pants by Lululemon look super stretchy and comfortable, perfect for home or running errands. The headband I just love, I own two and I wear them anytime I don't do my hair so looks like I actually did it. I have been wanting a new bag to tote around with me with the kids that can be worn like a messenger bag. This Petunia Pickle one will do the trick! I choose this denim jacket because it has a little bit of stretch to it so it won't be stiff when moving around. Perfect for throwing over a maxi dress! And finally I love that this Bobbi Brown mascara is exclusive to Nordstroms. It purposely makes your eyes smokey, oh la la.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sangria of your Dreams

I hope you had a fantastic 4th. We spent the actual 4th here by the pool at our club then went up to the bay area to visit some friends on Friday and soak in some cooler temps. I actually wore jeans on Saturday and was comfortable, talk about the perfect summer light breeze, 75 degrees....heaven. Not to mention having a girl date to shop and eat without kids (our husbands watched them) was amazing. I miss it up there big time. Next time we will venture into the city. I also met one of my closet friends one week old daughter. She slept the entire time and was cute as a button. I cannot believe just 9 months ago Tom was that small. It is crazy how fast they grow. Serious growing machines.

But we are back in the central valley and on our 14th day of temperatures above 105. Today was 108. The weather man said a cool down was coming so I instantly looked up and saw that it was going to be 98 for one day then back up to 105. Thanks for the let down. :)

Anyways nothing sounded better to me last weekend then a refreshing cocktail for a hot summer day. I texted my friend what she was having on the 4th and when she said Sangria it got me thinking of trying my own Sangria recipe. I have been craving fresh amazing cocktails lately, stuff you usually find in the big cities at some trendy bar. Sometimes just wine doesn't cut it. I have therefore taken on the task of making my own cocktails in hopes I can replicate some flavors. This little Sangria I whipped up does not disappoint!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Amazing all Natural Skincare Line at BeautyCounter and Product Giveaway (on Facebook)

If there is one thing I am super picky about it is hair and face products.  Especially with my skin. The last few months my skin had some dry patches that I could not for the life of me get rid of.  I normally will spend a good amount of money on facial moisturizers and cleansers because I want the best for my fair, sensitive skin.  The weather is just so dry here that I almost gave up on trying to get rid of the dry patches.  That was until my sister in law introduced me to a beauty line she sells called Beauty Counter.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Specialty Socks for Every Occasion

So it is Wednesday and I have had a nice little day, it went by fast actually. I swear since Tom started crawling I barely have time to do anything, he gets into everything, much more then Claire did. This weekend we are visiting friends in the bay area and I get to meet my friends brand new baby, I cannot wait! I haven't been up north in quite some time so this will be even more fun.

On another note the kind people at Kushyfoot sent me some different pairs of socks to try out. I personally have never purchased specialty socks before (I am more a sweat sock all around kind of girl) but I have to say it is a pretty neat idea and I did love the socks.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DVF for Gap Kids and Summer Baby Boy Wear

For the last 24 hours I have had a terrible stomach virus and I am finally coming out of it (I hope). It is so hot here (111 degrees) and between not feeling well and well not going outside I have had some time to look for some new summer clothes for the kids. Claire is on the verge of wearing 4T and Tom is slowly moving into 12 months. I find about every 4 months or so I am having to purchase a wave of new outfits. I haven't shopped at the Gap for a while and decided to head on over there on the hunt for some new items.

From top left to right. ONE./TWO/ THREE/ FOUR/ FIVE /SIX / SEVEN/ EIGHT 

What I realized was Diane Von Furstenberg is back at Gap for kids (although I am not sure how long her line has been out). I didn't purchase anything for Claire last year because I thought her clothing would look better on an older toddler, plus Claire stays in her clothing longer then she did last summer. The kids need something easy to slip into with breathable fabrics. I have Tom in a lot of onsies because it is so hot but I love how Gap has semi tee shirt onsies right now. The only dilemna I have with Tom is he is crawling all over the hardwood floors and is getting some wear and tear on his knees and feet. But he is otherwise cool and comfortable in this heat.

Above are my picks from Gap for keeping kids cute and cool this summer!