Monday, January 27, 2014

January Happenings and Budsies, a Unique Gift Idea

Yes it is January 26th, this month has flown. I started working 3 days a week full time beginning of this month and haven't had much down time inbetween. It has been one busy month! We had a great New Years down in Temecula and have had some action packed weekends in between.

One thing I did want to share is what Claire got for Christmas. If you have never heard of Budsies, they bring your children's artwork to life. It is such a unique gift idea for your kids, friends, etc...if you feel you are ever in a gift rut, I highly suggest you try them out!

 Claire always makes me draw a dog for her when we sit down to color. I am a horrific artist but since she is still trying to master the art of drawing a circle, I went ahead and submitted my gorgeous 'artwork' to Budsides and what they sent back was amazing. I was really impressed how close it was to my original drawing. Claire was so happy she now sleeps with the dog and gives it kisses. Once the kids get older I cannot wait to submit more drawings of their own! What a great way to create memories!

Below are some of our January highlights I included some pics from Temecula as well. I haven't taken too many pictures this month.  But plan to hopefully in February.

I will have an update on a juice cleanse I recently did by Urban Remedy. Details to come....Hope your first month of 2014 was great!

Claire petting her new Budsies doggie



My amazing creation! 

The cousins enjoying a run in Temecula

Tom is feeling out Claire's princess heels