Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Finding the Right Shirt and Tie for the Man in Your Life

Paul Fredrick
My husband wears a suit and tie to work every single day. For the most part men have it easy. They can get a few basic suit sets that will last a few years and then interchange their dress shirts and ties. He has some work headshots coming up and we were discussing ways he can wear a good shirt and tie combo that won't scream trendy. The thing with headshots is that you want to use them for years to come. At least I would think 4 years until styles drastically change and well you just get a new set.

I found this site: Organic Headshots which have some great tips on making your headshot look natural and classic.

I came across Paul Fredrick as they have some great combinations of ties and dress shirts that are very classic in nature. I love the look above as well as some of these below. They recently launched their summer collection and there are some great light weight pieces in there for the man in your life. I had a hard time looking at men in suits in the summer while living in Chicago because it just looked painfuly stuffy and hot. So obviously lightweight fabrics are the way to go. Also you can't get a better deal then 3 shirts for $169!

Paul fredrick

You can find all their new summer shirts here: Paul Fredrick

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