Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Health and Fitness Strides and Life as of Late

Every week I say to myself I am going to do a blog post! And well here we are several months later. My life has been so incredibly busy lately but in a good way. I am working part time at my parents financial firm Mon-Wed learning the tricks of the trade and working on their advertising and social media. I am also still helping out with projects for my old company in Chicago Th-Fri and then again on Sundays. In between that I have been just doing a ton of work with the Junior League of Fresno. Being my first active year has been crazy busy, plus the volunteer opportunities have been incredible. My favorite so far was holding a baby in the NICU. I am an official baby cuddler! I can go anytime too, which will be nice during the summer where I won't have near as much going on.

In addition to everything I have been crazy addicted to The Bar Method of Fresno. I started going at the beginning when they opened in October and have been consistent. I started going 3 days a week and have recently moved up to 4 times a week then doing one day of cycle tabata at Copper River. Muscle really does weigh more then fat. I have only lost 5lbs but I am a size smaller and officially in my clothes from before having Claire! As in my pre Claire clothes are comfortable on me, not tight. The class is never ever easy. Sometimes I get frustrated that I am not stronger but I really think I am, I am just pushing harder. I will never be a total cardio queen again. This has completely reshaped my body. I feel comfortable again and am looking to continue going to see where it can take me. The best part is I haven't even dieted!

Speaking of diet that is a whole other topic. I haven't been dieting however, I have been reading and trying to learn as much as I can about eating clean. Not low carb, or low calorie. But examples include coconut oil in my daily smoothies (because they apparently help with thyroid issues), eating as much vegetables as possible and I have sort of cut back on meat. I still eat it but I have become really picky about where I get my meat. I have been reading too much about how bad certain types of meat can actually be. With that said I have been crazy over the weekends so my next goal is to tone it back a bit on the weekends.

Tom and Claire are doing great. They are in daycare/preschool 2 days a week and Tom has been starting to talk a lot more. He still loves wearing my big heels around the house and following his sister everywhere. Claire has been saying the funniest things lately that it's hard to keep a straight face especially when she's in trouble.

In any regard I am still here just trying to get that whole "work/life" balance in order. Here is to more blog posts!

We celebrated our 5 Year wedding anniversary and Nik wanted me to leave him here

At our annual Junior League fundraiser. 

Tom loving down the Easter Bunny

Family fun on Easter

Claire has begun to smile for the camera! Now to work on Tom

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