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Learning How to Dress well with Clinton Kelly. Macy's Style Show

clinton kelly macys dress for your body
Of course the most important picture of the day is blurry

Have you ever wondered if you were dressing right for your body type? I always do. I always try to accentuate areas I am happy with and disguise areas that well I'd naturally rather hide. Some fashion trends I love on other people I know for a fact won't work with my body type. I also know some basic rules of putting a nice outfit together. I know how to dress my age. I know how to play up the accessory.  I know how to put touches on an outfit to move it from day to night, which I use most when I travel so I don't have to pack as much. 

I also love Clinton Kelly. I watched What not to Wear all the time on TLC while it aired and loved the advice he and Stacy gave to these chosen women who had no idea how to dress their bodies. It also reminds me of living in San Francisco having a lazy Sunday with my roommate/best friend watching marathon sessions with wine. 

I honestly took the advice Clinton and Stacy gave their "clients" on the show when I went shopping myself. It stuck with me even in the chubby aftermath of having two kids almost back to back and extremely slow weight loss.  Since having kids and getting back to a somewhat more comfortable figure I notice that I carry my weight all over rather then my hips and legs like I did when I was younger (teens and 20's). That's where seeing Clinton Kelly's show at Macy's in Fresno, CA came into play.

I rallied up some girlfriends and got tickets to the show. I have seen Clinton's new show "The Chew" a few times and really enjoyed watching. It is a nice lighthearted talk show which airs in the afternoon. Reminds me of taking care of Tom as a newborn and going to the gym. Although watching the cooking segments was tough while I was exercising because it all looked soo good! Anywho...

We arrived early as you can see so we walked around the women's department.
clinton kelly event
Me and my friend just hanging around taking pics

Oh look some mocktails and snacks while we wait

Just wasting some time

Got some great seats!

Our seats were great, and the show was really informative and inspiring. Clinton came out and spoke to the audience before the fashion show. I knew he was funny but I forgot until he started to talk about Fresno and the funny looks he got at the airport because he was dressed up (not really "dressed up", he was in a nice summer suit and button down). He made a note that everyone here is so casual which is why they were probably staring at him. Following his opening came a fashion show where he showcased outfits for millennial's, women my age (30-40), and mature. He also included "curvy" women or as I like to say normal which was great. After the show there was time for questions then a meet and greet.

I took some notes and wanted to share them with you as there are some great tips for all of us to take away. 

  • You can wear all one color. Just make it different using texture, pattern, shine. Then a model came out in all white with multiple textures making the outfit not look like a uniform.

  • Pencil skirts are a great staple item. Ruching is your friend, as it will hide any lumps and bumps, tummies etc...He mentioned Ralph Lauren makes a fabulous ruching dress perfect for work or parties in multiple colors and patterns. (I actually saw they had these dresses at TJ Max so am planning on picking up some).
  • Colors to avoid: Bright reds will bring the red out in your face, Lemon yellow also brings out red tones in your face. Black is hard to wear during the day as it can cast shadows on your face making you look older. 
  • Moto Jackets are really in style and can be worn by multiple generations like this jacket here: Eileen Fisher
  • Stiletto Pants are big which are essentially skinny pants that go to the ankle. All body types can wear these. If you are self conscious of how snug it is in the butt go with a bigger top that ends at the widest part of your bottom. That way it cuts you off at the most flattering area. 
  • You can mix prints, say stripes and flowers. But stick to the same color tone when doing so. 
  • Wrap dresses are flattering on everyone. 
  • You can take a dress that is brightly colored from day to night or if you go to say a party that starts in daylight and ends at night by adding silver shoes and jewelry or black shoes. 
  • If you are bigger on the bottom keep things streamlined. Don't wear cropped pants if you are say 5'4" and shorter unless you wear a heel and do NOT tuck in your shirt with cropped if you are said height as it will make you look short and squat. 
  • Anyone under 5'7" needs a tailor. Now this was huge he said all sizes are made from one bust form and only 7% of the population match these proportions. The key is to take something that fits just ok to fit perfectly to your body through a tailor. They can do wonders and make your outfit look very expensive even if it is not. 
  • If you have a large bust V necks are your friends, don't wear cross body bags. Get a professional bra fitting if you gain or lose 5lbs. 
  • Jackets are the cornerstone of style. It takes just a bland outfit to completion. Jackets are where you want to spend your money as a good one will last you a few years and won't go out of style.
  • Upgrade your jewelry. He said little girls wear little jewelry. Women wear statement pieces. It also gives your look more oomph. 
  • Dress as a French person. They buy clothing that is an investment, get them tailored, and wear often not caring about needing new outfits all the time. He said they maybe have a few incredible items in their closets and that is it.  He talked about the need for Amerian's to just collect stuff constantly and doesn't have to be that way. 
  • Crayola tip: "if the crayons are near each other in the box, they go together! Think about this when creating outfits."

And finally some of my favorite quotes from the show: 

"There should not be room for your hopes and your dreams in your bra cup." 
"Jeans and a t-shirt do not make an outfit. They make nothing"
"Women have got to stop using the H word with themselves. You wouldn't go up to someone and say 'I hate your hair!' It would ruin their day! So stop using it with yourselves! "

And finaly he left it on a nice note to not compare yourslef to others you are all amazingly different, and he worked in fashion and that every single picture of models are crazy airbrushed and a the women without pores as in the magazines is a "dead woman" they do not exist. 

Overall be the best version of YOU!

When I met Clinton he was personable and sweet and I didn't feel intimidated at all. He did tell me he loved my pants (my blue ankle like relaxed pants I got a J Crew) and that he didn't bite when I went to go take a picture with him. I had a great time and wish there were more of these types of events in town. If you ever get the chance to go to a Clinton Kelly event I swear you will not regret it. I learned a lot and plan to visit my local tailor soon! 

Here is his book if you want it. It is loaded with tips for putting together a dinner party, food, crafts, and style advice:

Below are some pictures from the event:

ann klein wrap dress
Wrap dress Ann Klein

ralph lauren dress
The Blue dress is the Ruched Ralph Lauren Dress

All white with textures

Meeting him afterwards, He was so nice. I need to work on my posture.

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  1. Great tips! I never wore ruched anything pre-pregnancy, but now that I'm seeing how flattering ruching is for a pregnant belly I think I'll have to continue wearing it post-pregnancy! Love the Clinton Kelly quotes too.