Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day and Palace Pets, a 3 Year Old's Obsession

Mothers Day Dinner
My children just super pumped and excited to celebrate with me

I was looking back on my blog to see if I even wrote about Mother's Day and I really haven't. But I also think this was the first year we actually celebrated it. Instead of the run of the mill brunch we decided to do a Mother's Day dinner at Campagnia, a local restaurant here that has a great outdoor patio. It is even nice to sit out on when it is a million degrees outside. (which it isn't yet). We sat out there for a while, had some wine, and relaxed. Amazingly the kids sat still, which was a miracle unto itself.  

 I had a Cesar Salad and a chicken entree and we split a bottle of Talbot Pinot Noir  and I managed to not to "bites" of my kids pizza. I did absolutely nothing during the day which I haven't done in quite some time. It was incredible, one of the best gifts really, I even caught up on some tv. So now I declare Mother's Day my new favorite holiday! Well behind Christmas and Thanksgiving.

disney palace pet
found this on my phone along with 4 other princesses

So as we dined Claire played with her Palace Pet app on the iPad. She is crazy obsessed with Palace Pets, you know the pets of the Disney princesses? I didn't know they had pets but apparently they do and Claire wants to collect all of them. Right now she has Snow White's Bunny. Claire will brush her tail and push the button so her pet talks which by the way is extremely loud.  When Claire won't go to bed at night which is a regular basis now she will crawl out of her bed and sit at her doorway in the dark and play her Palace Pet,  it's incredibly creepy but its a signal that Claire is not sleeping. We will take turns walking down the hall and find Claire sitting in the dark. Claire almost acts surprised and says "hi how's it going". We do this routine a couple times a night. 

In any regard she loves saving the pictures that she creates on the iPad with her palace pets and princesses. I guess you can add the accessories and background? Not sure. But as Claire has gotten a little older she has created this obsession with these things and she has started to ask for any toy kids play with on  commercials. Which if I remember I used to do as a kid. You know that "I must have this toy NOWWW" attitude. Yikes. 

Here are a few Mother's Day pictures. Hope you had a great weekend!

claire in carters cliff kids bar
mothers day
Deciding what to eat for Mother's Day breakfast

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