Thursday, May 8, 2014

That One Time I Did a Cleanse...and Survived

I hear so much about juicing these days its somewhat information overload. Don't get me wrong I do own a juicer and do enjoy my green juices, however I don't have them every day. Every time I read a blog or look on Instagram someone is making some fabulous juice which in turn makes me think "crap I should juice more". Here is back when I started Juicing Jucing Fun.

I took things a step further and decided to go for a 3 day juice cleanse from a deal I found on my favorite site. Joyus (watch the video to get more details.)

I won't lie, the cleanse was pricy (a good $200 or so). But the holidays had just ended and I felt just so blah, had gained a few lbs and wanted a clean slate to start eating better again. Plus I wanted to get rid of my sugar addiction and my nightly chocolate binge. 
The juices showed up at work and naturally all the guys in the office made fun of me but I was determined to do it. I did Urban Remedy's Signature cleanse. The first day was great, I had energy,  the juices were fantastic, and because there were 6 a day the second I felt hungry It was already time for another juice. I had no problems the first day. The second day I woke up with the worst headache and was dragging energy wise. I was moody, starving and thinking what am I doing! The headache wouldn't go away either. I grumbled through my second day angry at the world. The third day I still had a headache but I wasn't as angry. I felt ok actually. However my hunger didn't subside. That night I caved and had some veggies and hummus because I just couldn't go on. I did make it the 3 days though, hardest thing I have done with food or diet. I missed chewing my food. 
I lost a couple pounds (water weight) and did feel like I had a new start to jump back into my normal eating routine. So in that sense it helped. Over all would I do it again? Probably not. But it did get me back into juicing. And had me thinking I should open a juice bar in Fresno and charge 10 bucks for a bottle! I can dream. 
Actually now Urban Remedy has these kits you can get automatically delivered to your door with juice and snacks. This sounds more like a reset I would do once in a while then just the juice. They have partnered with Cindy Crawford to bring this to the public. Sounds interesting. Not sure if I could get away with spending $164 once a month for it though. Nik may be breathing down my neck. 
My friends who asked me about juicing I said try it once and see what you think. For me I won't do it again unless there are snacks involved, (which is now available at Urban Remedy). But I sure did feel good about myself loading up on all those vitamins after a month in December of pure junk. 
Have a good one!
Juice Cleanse
Checking out my juice stash in the garage

Juice Cleanse
This actually looks really good to me right now, at the time it was headache city (I am sure from withdrawing from sugar and caffeine) 

Juice Cleanse
You want a juice now mom?

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