Monday, June 2, 2014

Hitting the Beach with the Family Memorial Weekend

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Memorial Weekend

Last weekend we traveled again to Carmel to have a fun beach weekend. The first day we were there though it was cold and foggy so it looked as if the dream of a warm weekend was gone. However you never know on the coast. Claire and Tom got their nice hawaiian outfits from their grandparents who had just gone on a trip there. Tom had his second experience with sand and well it just did not go very well. He was frozen on a part of the towel that no sand went near. If it touched him he would cry and want his dad to hold him. We are hoping eventually he will start to play with the sand toys. 

Naturally it was filled with wine and good food and some exercise. If you go to the coast always pack for multiple seasons. On the beach it started as a cool day then progressively got hot, and most of us ended up with sunburns on our parts we forgot to put lotion. In addition to not starting out in cooler clothing. 

Tom on his Island of Misery

Janie and Jack Shirt 

polo ralph lauren kids

I will be continuing my series on fun things to do in Carmel soon. But to get started here is my most recent post: Carmel by the Sea

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