Friday, August 1, 2014

Great New Denim and Tee Shirt Shopping Sites and Life Lately
So I was looking through my closet the other day and realized I only had about 2 pair of jeans that sort of fit me right now. It's not like I went through a huge body change, I haven't dropped a lot of weight, but the Bar Method has helped me get back to my pre Claire state. With that said I had Claire about 3 and a half years ago and most of my jeans  I purchased in 2009 when I got married. Needless to say they seem dated to me. The jeans I purchased last year are comfortable but sort of get that saggy butt syndrome after a while of wearing them. Now that I feel more like my old self I wanted to invest in some really good jeans. All of this lead me to DSTLD Jeans.

The back story that lead me to these jeans came from one of the best tee shirt websites out there, Everlane. You cannot beat these prices. I am a huge fan of basics and there is nothing more basic then tee shirts and jeans. Everlane is a company that has a factory in Los Angeles and delivers straight to your door from the factory. According to Everlane buying straight from the factory has its advantages:  "In traditional retail a designer shirt is marked up 8x by the time it reaches the customer. By being online only, we eliminate brick-and-mortar expenses and pass these savings on to you."

I have ordered 3 tee shirts and 1 tank top from Everlane and I really can attest to the quality of the fabric. $15 dollars for a tee shirt that does not stretch out, doesn't shrink after you wash it, and is soft to the touch is just ridiculous to me. I love it, I love these tee's. They do sell other products such as sweatshirts, button down shirts, as well as bags. I plan on purchasing more items in the fall when the weather cools down.  You can find all these products here:

After getting tee's at a great rate I wondered if this was a trend in the clothing industry. When I found DSTLD Jeans I was so excited because it is a very similar concept so perhaps it is a new trend! DSTLD offers designer quality jeans for only $65. Insane! Not only that you can get a free trial at home. You can order 3 different pairs of jeans, wear them for 10 days, keep the jeans you like and send back the jeans you don't like. Only then will you be charged. Seriously so amazing. I never order jeans online, I have to be in a store to try them on because all brands and sizes are different. Even the same brand I am two different sizes. The fact I can test run these is great. Hopefully they will fit and look good because they will have a client for quite some time! You can shop or try it out for yourself here:

Using a step ladder for our family shoot-Our Family the latest pic

As far as life lately it's been nutty. But in a good way. I have continued to go to the Bar Method about 3 days a week and earned myself some Century socks! They gave these out to clients who hit 100 or more classes. I was pretty excited! And today in class I managed to push out 25 pushups on my toes! This was even after doing an arm series with weights. I am seeing strength in areas I never thought I would be able to see, its really a great feeling. I am a cardio queen no more! In addition to the Bar Method I have been doing a 2000 yard swim 1-2 times a week. My friend was a big swimmer growing up and I love to swim although I am not very fast, I like it more then running however. My friend has been meeting me at the club pool, writing out our workouts, and swimming along with me. She is a tough coach let me just tell you! I can barely get out of the pool after our one hour swim.  Afterwards we take the kids out of the day care to swim and get lunch by the pool,  it is really turning out to be a great summer! On top of it all I am working 3 days a week so these weeks just fly by.

I have attached two pictures. I should have done before and after but I suppose this is the best I have. Before Bar Method it was very hard to bring my stomach down from Tom no matter what I did and I felt weak. With Bar Method I feel like I have tightened and re-strenghten my ab muscles very deep inside and that strength has really brought that baby pooch down to normal. It is HARD getting your body back from having two almost back to back pregnancies, or any pregnancy really. Hardest thing for me to accomplish. So if you need some inspiration I hope this helps. You don't necessarily need to do Bar Method but I def saw the most changes in my body from a weight inspired workout.

Now that I have a tripod I may use to show more of a comparison as time goes on. Plus it will be nice to not use a step ladder :) I hope everyone is doing great and go check out those sites!

Left in October 2013 and Right is July 20th 2014

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