Monday, August 18, 2014

The Challenge to Eat Clean Each Week

So my family and I just came back from San Diego. It was a great time, we spent time with family and then Nik and I went to a work conference. Since I have not been to a work event in years or a conference in years I forgot how much they want you to eat. Ok maybe they don't want you to pound food all day, but I sure felt that way.

Margaritas before dinner

Since all the food was free I was going to live it up the 5days I was there. I think I ate every hour and then would drink wine/cocktails with a huge dinner after the day was over. I gave myself the time off of working out and wanted to let myself enjoy this time to eat and drink. The thing is by the 5th day I just couldn't even think of food, but because I had stuffed myself I woke up starving even though the night before I was so full I had a hard time sleeping.

I haven't given myself that much time off to go crazy in the last few years because I was always trying to lose the baby weight, yet I almost always used to binge like that with food when on vacation. Yes I had so many incredible meals but inevitably I over did it.

It sort of taught me a lesson. I normally eat pretty decent during the week and allow myself to have the weekends off but I don't go nearly as crazy as I did in San Diego. Ultimately this way of living combined with working out has helped me slowly get back to a good shape.  I ate so bad in San Diego yet the second I came home and went back to my moderation policy meant that my habits stuck with me, which is great. I just cannot go crazy like that, it just didn't feel good. Maybe it's because I am older and I just notice things more, or maybe it is because I lead somewhat of a healthy lifestyle and 5 days in a row of bad habits it just too much. In any regard it made me think more about taking my healthy eating further.

I am a snacker by nature. I don't eat big meals, I graze all day, and have smaller lunches and dinners. But I also just snack too much. The snacks aren't always filling and yes I hit that chocolate bowl too much at work. There is always room for improvement.

I also want to see more definition from all the swimming and Bar Method I have been doing. I know it is incredibly hard for me to follow a strict eating plan but what if I started working in more protein during the week and less snacky carbs, loose some of that water weight and fat.

That is where I found the site It is pretty affordable and I do cook dinners pretty often anyways. The gist is that each week you are emailed a weekly meal plan and workout routine. Since I already like my workout schedule I am more sticking to the meal plan. I like how I have easy access to recipes, and there is no searching endlessly on Pinterest for meals for the week (which I do every Sunday). Plus the recipes look very filling, easy, and good.

I love how you can find nutrition experts (Prescribe Nutrition-which is another fabulous program), meal plans, meal delivery options (blue apron), etc online now. It makes honing in your eating habits that much more affordable and easier. I will be starting to incorporate this plan into my life over the next few weeks and I will let you know if I can keep it a habit, see results, or fall back into my snacky lifestyle.

Are there any good programs you have tried recently?

Here are some pics from Coronado where Tom was too exhausted from a fun filled day to enjoy the beach.

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