Monday, June 9, 2014

Get Togethers Pulled Together Fast and Cousin Weekend

If you know Nik and I you know that we neglected to register for serving ware when we got married to have in our home. We weren't having that many get togethers in our apartment in Chicago so there was never really a need to have all the serving ware  it never really crossed our minds. Now however that is not the case. I love hanging out with my friends but throwing a get together is not my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong I love having people over, but I am not good at the whole presentation side.

For instance for Claire's 3rd birthday I contemplated having a birthday party at our house. After looking on Pinterest for a couple of hours I became so overwhelmed on all I needed for a party that I nixed the idea and instead we went for pizza.

But the more friends I make here in town the more I want to host small parties. I had the perfect excuse to throw a party when my sister in law came into town. She sells Beautycounter and asked if I would host a social. Naturally I said yes because I absolutely LOVE their products and how they lack dangerous chemicals. To shop her store just go to Beautycounter.

Having waited until the last minute I quickly ran over to Cost Plus to buy a few items as I wanted to make the party nice but I didn't want to go out and buy a ton of stuff. At Cost Plus I bought the table runner, and a water dispenser to hold some Strawberry Lemonade, I also picked up some paper straws. The flowers and succulents are from Trader Joe's. I have been into succulents lately  because its the only plant I have been able to keep alive. Plus they come in so many pretty colors. I bought them in small pots and when I got them home I thought they looked silly sitting on the table by themselves. Thats where those fun coffee mugs came into play.  They had the same color scheme and were decorated with pictures of our family. I used those to hold the succulents in the ugly brown pots. It gave the table another colorful element that received a lot of compliments!

I used some of the paper straws I bought at Cost Plus put some labels on them from Tiny Prints. I used those as decor for the strawberry lemonade.

The party turned out great. After we mingled around the cocktail and app table we moved to the living room where we heard the Beautycounter presentation. I was so enthralled with entertaining and listening to the presentation I forgot to take pictures with my camera. But you can get the jist from my iPhone pics.

A succulent in a personalized mug

Straws from Cost Plus, Labels from Tiny Prints

Aren't Peonies the prettiest?!

After the little party we continued with our annual cousin fun weekend! The kids did crafts that aunt Aerial purchased at Michaels and Nik and I enjoyed some wine outside before the real heat set in. Overall the party was a success, the kids had fun, and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hitting the Beach with the Family Memorial Weekend

carmel california
Memorial Weekend

Last weekend we traveled again to Carmel to have a fun beach weekend. The first day we were there though it was cold and foggy so it looked as if the dream of a warm weekend was gone. However you never know on the coast. Claire and Tom got their nice hawaiian outfits from their grandparents who had just gone on a trip there. Tom had his second experience with sand and well it just did not go very well. He was frozen on a part of the towel that no sand went near. If it touched him he would cry and want his dad to hold him. We are hoping eventually he will start to play with the sand toys. 

Naturally it was filled with wine and good food and some exercise. If you go to the coast always pack for multiple seasons. On the beach it started as a cool day then progressively got hot, and most of us ended up with sunburns on our parts we forgot to put lotion. In addition to not starting out in cooler clothing. 

Tom on his Island of Misery

Janie and Jack Shirt 

polo ralph lauren kids

I will be continuing my series on fun things to do in Carmel soon. But to get started here is my most recent post: Carmel by the Sea