Thursday, January 29, 2015

Coordinating Colors for Family Photo Shoots

The kids clearly cooperating

One of my favorite thing to do each year is take a family portrait. There are so many talented professional photographers out there it is pretty easy to find someone you connect with. I love the work of so many local photographers I sometimes switch up who we use just to see what they can do a little differently than the last photographer. 

This year we went with Michelle Bentzen in Fresno, CA. She doesn't have a website but does have a Facebook profile. She is the sister of a member of Junior League, which I am a part of, so I decided to try her out. Her work is really incredible she takes some gorgeous shots.

Once the session is booked I like to come up with a new color theme. Nothing monochromatic, monochromatic is boring to me. I start by just choosing two or three colors that I like from the same family of colors. For example this year we went with jewel tones, last year was red and black. 

Once I choose my color palette a few months ahead (like I said family pics are fun for me) I then look online until I find one piece whether a dress, sweater, or shirt then work around that particular piece. This year it was Claire's cool tights and bright green dress. When I saw that outfit I  knew that I wanted her outfit to stick out the most and decided on maroon and different shades of green to compliment her outfit. Her tights were awesome and I knew would stick out in the photos. While our shades are not the exact they each compliment each other. 

Don't be afraid to mix patterns, bright colors look great in outdoor shoots. The only trouble we ran into was our 2 year old Thomas who was a maniac the entire photo shoot. I was shocked our photographer got as great of pictures as she did. #miracleworker

Here are a few more from the shoot as you can see it is really hard to get two toddlers to corporate in a photo shoot. However I actually love them because it really depicts their crazy personalities. No family is perfect!

I haven't been blogging due to my schedule that has me going insane sometimes. I do miss it and miss writing about the kids so as always I will try my best. We have Claire's birthday coming up and excited to share some  pictures from how I plan to decorate for her party. Until next time!

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