Monday, February 2, 2015

Fitness Tracker Review

at the Toys for Tots Jingle Bell Run/Walk

This year Nik and I participated in the Jingle Bell Run through Old Fig Garden in December. I walked with the kids since I do not enjoy running and Nik ran the 5k. As a family we try to stay active or rather Nik and I try to stay healthy and exercise as much as we can the kids just run around regardless. The holidays are always the worst for us however as we just drink wine and don't pay attention to what we eat. It's fun and I just shrug my shoulders and take care of the weight gain in January. Regardless of social obligations we continue to at least keep up our exercise regimen because nothing feels worse then going back to the gym after a couple months off. So we try to negate that feeling.

As you know I regularly swim, cross train, and attend the Bar Method as often as I can. I have moved from being a cardio junkie to actually working to burn fat and build muscle. Nik has taken up running and plans to run the Avenger Half Marathon at Disneyland in November. Or at least that is what I tell him his goal should be so we can go to Disneyland after.

For Christmas this year I got a Fitbit and I bought Nik the Tom Tom Cardio Watch to track his runs and pace. My old polar heart rate monitor bit the dust so I figured the fitbit could take its place no problem.

I loved my Polar Heart Rate Monitor  because it told me my heart rate and my calorie burn so it was excellent for days I didn't want to workout but I would see that I  only burned 200 calories and I would stay at least until I burned 300. It pushed me. The fitbit is different. I have the flex and it tracks my steps and sleep. I have it linked up to myfitnesspal and I have connected with some friends who have the Fitbit so we challenge each other to hit 10,000 steps a day. What it doesn't track is my fitness. When I use it in the Bar Method it shows I haven't exerted myself for that hour. I also can't swim with it (I couldn't swim with the polar either) It doesn't track my heart rate so I don't get the entire picture with Fitbit.

With that said I want to combine my heart rate monitor and my everyday fitness tracker. A couple watches come to mind if you are looking to invest in the same kind of product. The Misfit Shine is a watch that while doesn't have a heart rate monitor per say you can wear it in the pool and input your activities. However the one I truly want is the Fitbit Charge HR. It tracks calories, activities, steps climbed etc, but not sure if you can swim with it. It incorporates all aspects of a healthy lifestyle right at your fingertips.

So depending on what you are looking for there is a fitness watch out there for everyone. There are now even Health Insurance companies that are jumping on the trend and giving their members fitness trackers. One that I have heard about is Oscar Health Insurance in New Jersey and New York. Oscar uses technology and design to give members the tools to be proactive about their health...
With that said they actually give out a Misfit Fitness tracker to each new member! They also have an app that members can use to search for providers and have a 24/7 doctor on call feature. Very cool. 

So there you have it. Speaking of New Year's resolutions I just want to say that I have gone one month without wine! It was incredibly hard to do but I am so proud I was able to do it. Just a small challenge I gave myself as I went into the New Year. Until next time....

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