Monday, February 16, 2015

Mardi Gras and Claire's 4th Birthday Party

This holiday weekend was a busy time in our house. Our good friends decided to throw a Mardi Gras party and like all their parties it was fantastic. We used Uber, stayed out a little late, ate and drank a lot. We haven't gone to a party in quite some time so it was just really fun to let loose. My sister and brother in law were in town so they joined in on the fun. What helps with a late night hangover? What about a children's birthday party!

Besides dealing with a slight headache the next day I was really pumped on decorating and hosting Claire's 4th birthday party. We had never had a birthday party for her before and it really turned out to be a fun time for all. Claire was so very excited and had talked about her party for oh at least a month. For me it was just a really fun thing to plan. I found many YouTube and Pinterest DIY crafts and went to work last week! You honestly can find almost anything DIY on those two sites. We used Something Enchanted and hired Cinderella to come make a guest appearance.

The adults were able mingle and have some wine while the kids were focused on some serious princess time. Cinderella was kind enough to bring some crafts for the boys so they could feel included as well. Claire could not believe that Cinderella was in our house!

Overall the party was a blast and clean up wasn't too bad. I bought most of the party supplies from Party City and DIY'd most of the decor. Gotta hand it to Party City however, they literally have everything you could think of.

With two big events this weekend. I am excited to get back to normal and back into the old routine. I cannot believe Claire is 4 already, Happy Birthday Claire!

for more pictures read below....

Awesome spread no?

Nik just having a beer by himself. whomp whomp

You know my husband is having a good time when he gets the guts to dance with a bunch of girls
Tissue Pom Poms I made. oh yea!

the gorgeous cake my friend made for Claire, Looks professional no?

Claire having a little one on one time with Cinderella

Promise she is happy!

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