Thursday, February 5, 2015

Paso Robles Wine Country

Tobin James Tasting Room

As you know I love wine. I think most people do naturally. This was our second year in a row traveling to a new wine region with my in-laws and it proved again to be a great time.  I knew Paso Robles was a great wine region but did not realize that there are over 300 wineries! Insane and exciting! We rented the most amazing house downtown called "on the vine". It was this old victorian home decorated as if it were in a Restoration Hardware catalog. I just loved it. You can find the rental here: Paso Robles Vacation Rentals. It was in the perfect location to walk to town or hop in our car to head to a winery.

Beautiful right?!

It was hard to go to wineries with the kids because it's boring for them so we were only able to go to 2 or 3 wineries a day before we had meltdown city. Nevertheless I felt like we got a nice sampling of the area and I plan to come back again soon (without the kids).

The wineries we went to included: Tobin James, J Dusi, Summerwood,  Cypher, Halter Ranch, Justin, and Daou (which we immediately joined their wine club).

The most beautiful winery award went to DAOU for sure, the views were incredible and the wines were some of the best I tried. Justin was very charming and we just love and have been wine club members for a couple of years. They all were very nice and for New Years it wasn't as crowded as you would think which was also nice.

We went to two excellent restaurants while there Thomas Hill Organics and Artisan. Both were just incredible!

The drive was so short for us and the town was quaint and relaxing without huge crowds. We didn't have time to try Firestone Brewery but we have added it to our list for our next getaway weekend. That's the great thing about living in California you can have an easy and quick trip without the hassle of flying!

Skip the jump to see more photos from our trip!

Tom was over Tobin James

Claire approaching J Dusi

Yay there is a winery dog, we will harass him to death

A dog and rocks? What could be better?!

One big happy family at J Dusi

Cypher Winery

Tom getting comfortable in Cypher

The kids over it at Summerwood

Justin Winery

Bored at Halter Ranch

Tom hid in a corner because he couldn't take it anymore

The views and Claire at Daou

Running at Daou

Barbie Cinderella has asked for a tasting

Tom yelling at people at Daou

Group shot at Justin

Claire at the rental

Running at Daou

Tom is enjoying himself

Ready for a night on the town

Thomas Hill Organics. I want that sign in my house

Cousins hanging out together
If you are thinking of checking out Paso Robles, do it! I was a fabulous time had by all!

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