About Me


My name is Erin and I love all things beauty, fitness (currently a Bar Method addict), dressing my daughter in anything besides a princess dress (which is her go to every day even though it's 2 sizes too small), and getting a kick out of my son wearing polo shirts. I have recently been on a health kick with with food and am learning as much as I can about whole foods and healthy products for my skin.  I don't always follow all healthy guidelines but I am trying to educate myself in living a healthy life with my family.

Having 2 kids 20 months apart is busy but they are amazing, hilarious and they really love each other. I have an awesome husband, I love wine and our weekends at the coast or the mountains. On top of it all I have gone back to work so finding balance is huge for me. I live in Central California in Fresno (where I grew up) as we relocated back here after living in San Francisco and Chicago four years ago. At first I was uncomfortable living in suburbia, but we have made Fresno our home, found some amazing friends, and really enjoy living here!

If you would like to advertise with me please feel free to reach out, as I am open to product reviews, guest postings, etc if they fall in line with my blog... erinjford@gmail.com