About Me

My name is Erin and I haven't composed a blog entry in a year. I stopped because I went back to work full time and between work, studying for my securities licences (one down, one to go), and the kids I have not have the time to devote to blogging.

I have two great kids Claire and Tom who are close in age, best buddies, yet they fight non stop. My husband Nik and I met while studying abroad in Ireland in college. We have a fun yet busy life and to top it off we work together!

I did a complete career change at age 36 from Online Marketing to Financial Planning at my parents Wealth Management firm in Fresno, CA. It has been a quite challenging, big change from working at a dot com but I welcome the challenge.

I created the blog when I was a stay at home mom to keep family in the loop and learn a new skill. I learned photography, and Photoshop. I networked with other bloggers and created my own little fun niche. Then I started working full time and the blog had to be put on hold. I wanted a new direction for the blog and didn't want the pressure to have to post 5 days a week like other bloggers. I want to use this space to be myself, share life experiences and tips that have worked for me, and show that my family and kids are obviously not perfect.

If you would like to advertise with me please feel free to reach out, as I am open to product reviews, guest postings, etc if they fall in line with my blog... erinjford@gmail.com