About Me

Welcome. I never thought I would be a stay at home mom but it's great. I worked for many years in online marketing in San Francisco and Chicago and I made the switch to stay at home mom once my daughter was born. I am loving the suburban life out in Clovis, Ca. A huge life change in all respects but a welcome one.

I love all things beauty, home decor, baby/toddler toys/clothing, and easy fashion (I say easy because I don't have to dress up much anymore). Rather than secretly obsessing about new finds, looks, and decor ideas, I thought I would bring them to you! Join me as I work my way through the wonderful world of blogging.

Having two kids 20 months apart is rough and busy but they are amazing and everything helps with a little bit of wine and shopping! :)

If you would like to advertise with me please feel free to reach out, as I am open to product reviews, guest postings, etc if they fall in line with my blog... erinjford@gmail.com

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